Monthly Archives: August 2010

North Sumatra: Volcano evacuees in dire need of blankets, masks and sleeping mats

Nearly 29,000 people are faced with harsh weather and living conditions after Mt. Sinabung volcano erupted in North Sumatra. Word Vision staff are in the area assessing the needs of the evacuees. … learn more→

What is climate risk management?

As I wrote in the previous installment, climate risk management is a process that informs decision making through the application of climate knowledge and information. … learn more→

Green Jobs: A Guide to Eco-Friendly Employment

You\’re interested in going green and, lucky for you, the opportunities for environmentally skilled workers are skyrocketing. Green Jobs will help you to find a job you like-and that\’ll make the world a better place. … learn more→

James Cameron and Avatar cast shine spotlight on real battles to defend \’Pandoras on Earth\’

\”A Message From Pandora\” Tells the Story of the Battle to Stop the Belo Monte Dam in the Amazon. Watch a 3-min Trailer here. … learn more→

Online fundraising campaign aims to energize public giving to New Orleans five years after katrina

Today, MoveOn and appealed to their members to contribute to 18 local organizations leading long-term recovery efforts in New Orleans. The Open Society Foundations will match contributions dollar-for-dollar up to $500,000. \”The challenge is not just to rebuild New Orleans–but to build a city that is stronger and fairer than the one that was […] … learn more→

Heading back to school to finish your degree? How to get your money\’s worth

Heading Back to School to Finish Your Degree? How to Get Your Money\’s Worth – Tips from a Non-Profit, Online University … learn more→

Electricity Collected from the air could become the newest alternative energy source

Imagine devices that capture electricity from the air ― much like solar cells capture sunlight ― and using them to light a house or recharge an electric car. … learn more→

Taking a stand against extinction

Australia has the worst extinction record of any developed nation, but that will hopefully change with the establishment of a new research centre. … learn more→

Green Jobs for a New Economy: The Career Guide to Emerging Opportunities

An indispensable guide for students and career-seeking adults, Peterson-s Green Jobs for a New Economy offers vital information on a wide array of professional and skilled green careers, with details on job trends, work environment, and earning potential. … learn more→

5 ways to penetrate the \’green job\’ market

Global clean energy markets are expected to quadruple in the next ten years. Analysts expect the industry will grow 20% to 30% annually and all sectors of the green economy are growing faster than their conventional counterparts. … learn more→