Monthly Archives: August 2010

On organic coffee farm, complex interactions keep pests under control

Proponents of organic farming often speak of nature\’s balance in ways that sound almost spiritual, prompting criticism that their views are unscientific and naïve. … learn more→

Fixing Wiki: Wikipedia revision project teaches teamwork, communication, chemistry

Halogen bonding, hyperconjugation, electroactive polymers—such subjects are typical fare in graduate-level chemistry courses. But how many classes challenge students to explain the concepts to the whole world? … learn more→

Student-developed photo sharing App “Burstn” helps students stay in touch when they head back to school

With the countdown to back to school in full swing, university and college students new and old are preparing to head to their campuses. For many, that means saying goodbye to friends and family. … learn more→

How much proof do the global warming deniers need?

Everything the climate scientists said would happen – with their pesky graphs and studies and computers – is coming to pass. This is proving the hottest year ever. … learn more→

A global shift to renewable energy

As fossil fuel prices rise, as oil insecurity deepens, and as concerns about climate change cast a shadow over the future of coal, a new energy economy is emerging. The old energy economy, fueled by oil, coal, and natural gas, is being replaced by one powered by wind, solar, and geothermal energy. Despite the global […] … learn more→

Energise!: A Future for Energy Innovation

A concise, authoritative, and confrontational challenge to the accepted \”wisdoms\” about the future of energy, complete with post-Obama victory notes “If the world could be more thoughtful about energy supply, we could all afford to be thoughtless about our personal use of energy.” … learn more→

Electric \’Buckeye Bullet\’ aims for speed record

A team of Ohio State University students that set out to build the fastest electric car on the planet is heading home with a broken clutch and a big grin. … learn more→

Saudi’s higher education achievements & challenges …….global assessment & international experts’ views

Saudi Arabia is experiencing an aggressive investment in the key pillar of the knowledge-based economy, namely, education and learning, innovation, and information technology. … learn more→

Nine common errors when building a new world-class University

The term “world-class university” has become a catch phrase to describe research universities at the pinnacle of the tertiary education hierarchy. … learn more→