These 4 technologies will change your life


Emerging technologies have strong potential to revoluntaize the way we live. If recent technology updates prove anything, it’s that these innovations can impact in the realm of commercial, residential and even the military. Many of the imagined science fiction technology has come to pass in recent years and these four technologies will create a more globally connected future that will most likely change your life forever once you get your hands on the product.

  • Wireless Power

Although this technology is not here yet, it could be just around the corner. Wireless power will revolutionize your life and the electricity industry because it is electricity transmitted through the air  like radio signals.  This idea has been around since Nikola Tesla, but it was too labor intensive and there wasn’t an efficient process. With the creation of resonant power transfer devices, that are manufactured and reproduced easily, this technology is no longer beyond our mindset. There is already wireless phone and tablet chargers and this technology could be applied to a much larger scale very soon.

  • Snapchat’s Augmented Reality Art Project

Snapchat has partnered with artist Jeff Koon’s to allow users to project his sculptures in specific areas around the world including Central Park in New York, Venice Boardwalk in Los Angeles, Hyde Park in London and the Eiffel Tower in Paris. This new lens feature is the first site specific feature and will only be active within about 1,000 feet of the location. With specific locations already selected, this feature will make you pay more attention to what’s around you and consider the possibilities of structures that could be but are not there yet. Snapchat’s augmented reality feature has the potential to inspire people all over the world to create art and possible change their understanding of reality. Users will be able to take photos of themselves with famous Koons’ sculptures such as “Balloon Dog,” “Rabbit” and “Play-Doh.” With the ability to create fun and exciting photos, you can turn the world into your canvas and change your concept of creativity and art.

  • Connected Smart home

Smart homes will change your life, turning your home into not just a relaxing environment, but also a personal assistant. Before you can find the interesting and fun smart appliances, you have to determine the best kind of infrastructure to support your home. The home network is a giant mesh system that connects all of your smart applications together. You can choose between wired, wireless and wired-and-wireless networks. These connected networks can cover up to 8000 square feet ensuring you constant connectivity.

Next, you will have to find a smart hub to work as a central communication system between the different devices in your network. This allows you to have a single control system. There are a variety of hubs available on the market, many that even come with their own smart phone application. You may even want to add artificial intelligence to the mix to become a virtual assistant and use the machine learning to better control your smart home.

Once these options are decided the real fun begins in shopping for your favorite smart home appliances. These could be as simple as thermostat regulators and security to lighting networks and entertainment devices. Your lifeless house will turn into a fully-automated place of refuge.

  • Autonomous Cars

Every major car company is working on their own type of autonomous driving. Some cars are able to only work on the highway where others will be able to navigate city streets. Much of our driving is done on the way to and from work often in areas of dense traffic. With the driverless feature you can sit back and work during your commute without waiting to get to the office or be late to a meeting just because you are stuck in traffic. In fact, the average commute is 50 minutes a day. This free time could help you achieve your work goals faster and give you more energy for the rest of the day. Once cars are fully automated you will enjoy being able to sit back and relax. Plus, you won’t have to worry about getting directions or getting lost, your car will do all the work for you. People and their errors will eventually be removed from making bad choices behind the steering wheel.

While some of these technologies are ready to be seamlessly inserted into your daily routine right now, a few are still on the drawing board requiring further refinement before they are ready for market. Don’t be surprised when these innovations change the way the world lives and your child grow up never knowing what it


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Jigar Patel #permalink

Agreed with all your points, All are the real life changer.

And day by day wireless power demand increases, which have a lot of prospects in various markets. And this wireless power could reduce the demand for power cables and be making your gadgets more durable.

Thanks for this unique information.


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