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Communiversity: the future of the university?

Communiversity: the future of the university?

Productivity (application) of knowledge is just as important as production (accumulation) of knowledge … learn more→

Sustainable food and farming courses online

The UMass Stockbridge School of Agriculture was established in 1918 to provide practical science-based education – and the tradition continues today … learn more→

Don\’t wait for the federal government to fix the economy – relocalize your money now!

…if we want to “change the world” we need to get serious about local money! … learn more→

UMass Permaculture invited to the White House!

Thanks to everyone who voted to put UMass in FIRST PLACE in the White House Campus Champions of Change Challenge! … learn more→

Occupy the food system III: a sermon

Eating food can be a sterile, hurried act, offering little cause for joy – or a creative, spiritual act of connecting people, the earth and all of Creation. … learn more→

Ethics, self-interest and a purposeful life

I wonder if we can find our way to \”redemption\” through service to community, the earth or perhaps the divine? … learn more→

A conceptual foundation for teaching \”Sustainability\” courses

Sustainability studies, for me, is an opportunity to explore our relationship with some power greater than finite ourselves. And what could possibly be more important than that? … learn more→

Want to help design a local food hub?

The organizers of this project would greatly appreciate your thoughts … learn more→

Sustainable Agriculture 2011: a year in review

If its not local (or at least regional)….. its not sustainable! … learn more→

Occupy the food system II: education and policy

I hope some of the occupiers will continue the struggle by joining with the education and policy organizations that have been working on these issues… … learn more→