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Creative arts a space of fertility for educational research

The time seems to have come for the creative arts to take their place as a serious discipline within the academy. They may well be the catalyst and the synergizing force that will force the experts to start digging the right holes in the right places in just the right way. … learn more→

How to make enchantment endure by Guy Kawasaki

On a deeper reading, thinkers will realise that within the very densely packed text, there is a fundamental commitment to honesty itself as the critical value for a life well lived. … learn more→

Thinking about how to rethink! A framework for coping with change

It is time to think about Australia\’s place in world politics and to be more astute and discerning when talking about the \’refugee dilemma\’ that seems to be upsetting so many Australians. … learn more→

Rethink refugees strategies for Australian citizens

The purpose of the Rethink Refugees website is to encourage Australians to investigate issues enmeshed in the politics of refugee resettlement. … learn more→

Farrell’s vision of the Qld landscape

Lindsay Farrell paints natural form, portraying features of the landscape as metaphor. He explores the metaphysical, while expressing his concern for the environment. He says that what remains of Queensland, natural or near-natural landscape is threatened by agricultural and tourist development. … learn more→

Trapped in a rear view world – Released by AI

The damage caused by problematisation could become a productive form of inquiry if, instead of seeing organizations, social groups or environmental issues as problems to be solved, we saw them as miracles to be appreciated. … learn more→

The Timeless Land by Eleanor Dark

The lifestyle of Bennelong, an Australian Indigenous tribal warrior was destroyed, partly been by alcohol, which exacerbated the exclusion he eventually faced from both his tribal race and the whites who at first so mercilessly used him. … learn more→

Indigenous educators committed to bringing about justice for all peoples in Australia

Like Aunty Joan Hendriks, Glenn Barry an Indigenous educator is committed to bringing about change towards justice for all peoples in Australia. … learn more→

Christmas gift with an environmental message

Through the work of Summers, teachers and parents give themselves the opportunity to raise environmental consciousness by asking “What is this Kingdom that we have been tasked to look after?” … learn more→

Teaching kids about the Environment a never ending task

Rather than work the environment as a topic into everything we teach do and say; it is easier to become really environmentally aware so that this is naturally reflected through aspects of educational and home life. … learn more→