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Fresh grad’s guide to finding a first job

Fresh grad’s guide to finding a first job

Perhaps you have heard how daunting the job hunt could be. Being a fresh graduate, it can be easy to get left behind from the tedious job search with hundreds, if not thousands of applicants who aspire to fill a position in a particular company. And so, you wonder how possible it is to stand […] … learn more→

\”Nobody wants to hire weirdos\”

As luck would have it, almost immediately after I wrote this post arguing that we should commit ourselves in our actions to making the discipline just a little bit better for those around us–in ways large and small–I came across a comment over at the Smoker that bummed me out. The comment reads: First, I\’d […] … learn more→

The successful health care job search

Healthcare continues to be a growing career choice, with a 29 percent increase in demand through 2022, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Supporting roles are growing as well, as the need for medical assistants increases. Whether you\’re a pre-med student looking for experience or a new grad of a medical technologist program, […] … learn more→

Truth, lies and resumes

When searching for a job, there are a lot of things that can go wrong. You can stutter during a cold call, get lost on the way to the interview or even forget the name of the hiring manager. These are all honest mistakes and likely can be overcome with hard work and perseverance. Lying, […] … learn more→

Environmental science

Environmental sciences is by its nature a multidisciplinary research discipline – a study of the various interactions between the biological, chemical and physical components of our environment. … learn more→