Running head: Linear actuators in class rooms


Linear actuators have played a vital role in making work easier. From the factories, homes and even schools automation has proven to be crucial in today’s society. Classrooms are part and parcel of every student’s lives but wouldn’t it be great if institutions switched from traditional classrooms to an automated classroom? There many ways in which linear actuators play an enormous role in classrooms for example:



According to website where you can find actuators product list when a class room’s capacity is high, or there is the essence of visual illustration by the instructor and linear actuators come in handy. The procedure becomes easy and costs efficient by the use of a remote control that raises or lowers the projector, not only that but also adjustments and the turning off and on of the projectors. One of the Advantages of using the remote control is that when a problem with the projectors one can troubleshoot the problems with the remote since a single device can control multiple devices.



Todays institutions have become plagued with the issue of students cheating in exams, and it has almost become impossible catching them red handed. Students have become very sneaky and clever. The cameras give students the illusion that there being watched during exam time and also class time. Student cases that need investigations or monitoring are easily worked on.


Automatic doors

The use of automatic opening and closing doors is a plus for classrooms in today’s world of changing technology. The advantage of automated doors is that they will increase the concentration level of the students and reduce distractions by rude interruptions of late students or noisy door hinges.



When a school is huge, and the institution wants to cut its bills on expenditures of factors such as light, and the linear actuators come to the rescue in this scenario. A central control room that controls the light of the institutions paramount especially they can increase or decrease the brightness of the bulbs. If the idea of automated lighting is considered, the organization will reduce the risk of students misusing the lighting facilities of the school hence bills will also drop down drastically. There are some light sensors that are installed that go on when a student goes to class and off if there is no one in the room.


Adjustable Chairs and Tables

There institutions that deal with students with different disabilities either mental of physical. The use of automated chairs or tables that have adjustable heights help the both the teachers and students solve some issues the students are facing.


Temperature Regulations

In the cases where the weather is harsh and extreme linear automated heating and cooling systems placed in classrooms play a significant role in regulating the temperature where the students study. By the use of one, control system, a classroom is preheated before the students into get to the class or while in class hence a comfortable working environment is created. In the case of extreme heat, the classes are cooled, and the temperatures regulated by the operator on the control system.


Fire sprinklers

Some situations are unavoidable In the case of a fire incident in an institution it is important that lifesaving mechanisms become a part of the school. The purpose of the sprinklers is to discharge water in the case of a fire. Thanks to the help of sensors that detect smoke and high temperatures fires have been controlled tremendously with the assistance of these life savers.


The Control of volume in speakers

With the help of linear actuators the Instructor with ease can minimize and maximize the volume in a room. This norm takes place whereby there is a speech taking place or a video review is taking place, this becomes an excellent learning tool for students.