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I had the opportunity to attend a session last week, hosted by Pearson, on how higher ed faculty use social media. Much of the content was quite interesting. You can download the full research report here.

Quite a bit of survey data was presented on the survey with 3,875 respondents, including that 34% of faculty use social media – blogs, wikis, podcasts, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter – in their teaching.

The piece of information that caught my eye, though, was on what instructors consider the biggest barriers to using social media:


The second and third items on the list – concerns about privacy and separate course and personal accounts – impress me as nontrivial. Just in the past few weeks, we’ve seen some damage done in these areas. For example, someone recently post a comment on their Facebook account that they thought was private (and wasn’t) and various people and organizations, using social media content and channels, have been trying to discredit a young woman that asked a question at the town hall presidential debate.

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  1. It's about time we really started to take advantage of this new technology in our classrooms. I mean we have to move with the times, just imagine if we'd stood still in other spheres. We'd still be writing on typewriters now wouldn't we?

    We have a gadget that not only has many functions and used, kids love to use it. Thus making learning more fun for the younger generations!

  2. technology makes it easy for young people in learning and teaching. but how to teach our children that uses the technology for positive

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