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Academic publishing in English

Academic publishing in English

This week I was at a sociology of education summer school. As you might expect, I was there to talk about academic writing and publishing. In this context, I wanted to situate my usual topic in a wider context, and not simply offer strategies and advice. Here’s the abstract I wrote for the ‘lecture’: Educational […] … learn more→

Supervisors are morally obliged to publish with their PhD students

Supervisors are morally obliged to publish with their PhD students

Should PhD supervisors publish with their students? Should PhD students include their supervisors as co-authors on articles emanating from their PhD projects? To many academics, the answer seems, self-evidently, yes. But some – especially, in our experience, in the social sciences – remain adamantly unconvinced. We have worked in two universities where PhD supervisors publishing […] … learn more→

The point of academic publishing

I am not sure, for I am not sure what ”academic publishing” means. Not any longer. Today, I believe it is becoming something of a distinction without real difference behind it. Which leaves us with the question, “What is the point of publishing?” Something else, entirely. Perhaps the Chronicle understands this, for the picture accompanying […] … learn more→

How to start an Open Access journal

Open Access publishing is all the rage these days, but how do you actually do it? For the Managing Editors and Editorial Committee of the peer reviewed, interdisciplinary Gender, Sexuality and Diversity Studies (GSDS) journal Writing from Below it’s been a learn on the job affair, with attendant highs and lows. This is a list. […] … learn more→

The new economy of Letters

A quarter century has passed since Russell Jacoby coined the term \”public intellectuals\” in a book meant to mark their extinction. In The Last Intellectuals: American Culture in the Age of Academe, published in 1987, Jacoby defined public intellectuals as \”writers and thinkers who address a general and educated audience.\” The term was new, he […] … learn more→

It’s time for journals to be author-reviewed

My friend “Jana” sent her most promising manuscript to a journal that we’ll call The Ivy League Business Review. She received immediate confirmation that it was received, although the e-mail did not indicate whether or when it would be sent out for peer review. So she waited. And waited some more. After six months of […] … learn more→

Turning the dissertation into a book

At the most recent conference of the Association for Slavic, Eastern European and Eurasian Studies (ASEEES), held last November, representatives from several academic presses and scholars who had recently published monographs based on their dissertations held a roundtable dedicated to giving current grad students tips on what they should prepare for if they intend on […] … learn more→

Want to change academic publishing? Just say no

When I became a professor, 20 years ago, I received a request from a woman who lived close to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where I taught: Could she come and talk to me about a set of interests she was developing, in the area of my own specialty in anthropology, and get my advice […] … learn more→

Negotiating in publishing

It was one of those clinking-glasses, late-night, after-conference gatherings in which colleagues kvetched over the ills of academe. For the topic of scholastic publishing there was instant consensus for the thesis that there isn’t much payback for the amount of work than goes into a book. I innocently blurted out, \”I know. I just got […] … learn more→

Scholarly publishing\’s gender gap

When Jennifer Jacquet first visited Carl T. Bergstrom\’s evolutionary-biology lab at the University of Washington last year, she was surrounded by men. Men staring at data on the 27-inch Mac Pro computer screen that takes center stage in the lab. Men talking about mathematical proofs, about a South Park episode on evolution, about their latest […] … learn more→