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Trees are changing the air you breathe, but not in the way you think

Plants have long been known as the lungs of the earth. They play a major role in the exchange of moisture, carbon dioxide and oxygen with the atmosphere. However, no link has ever been found between trees and electrical effects in the atmosphere. Until now. The air around us contains both positive and negative ions […] … learn more→

Solutions for deforestation-free vegetable oils

Global demand for vegetable oils is a driver of deforestation … learn more→

The eruption after tomorrow

Imagine the perfect storm. A series of severe volcanic eruptions engulf the globe, spewing ash and sulphur into the atmosphere, causing widespread chaos on our intricate global economy, impacting our ability to grow food and grounding trans-continental air travel. … learn more→

Red mud\’s carbon capture clue

An environmental disaster that occurred in Hungary in 2010 could lead to a new way of removing carbon dioxide emissions from the atmosphere. In October 2010 around 1 million cubic metres of highly caustic ‘red mud’ sludge was released from a waste containment facility near the Hungarian town of Ajka when a retaining wall failed. […] … learn more→

Salty water and gas sucked into Earth’s interior helps unravel planetary evolution

An international team of scientists has provided new insights into the processes behind the evolution of the planet by demonstrating how salty water and gases transfer from the atmosphere into the Earth’s interior. The paper was published today in Nature Geoscience. Scientists have long argued about how the Earth evolved from a primitive state in […] … learn more→

Geo-engineering: should we change the face of the planet to combat climate change?

In the past few years, there has been growing interest in geo-engineering our climate. Geo-engineering means making sometimes planetary-scale physical or chemical changes to alter the amount of heat coming into, or getting out of our atmosphere. It’s a serious step. Should we even be looking into it? There is still so much we don’t […] … learn more→

Does the U.S. President love his children too? What the Clean Air Act means for you.

According to my various environmental pals over at \”Friends of the Earth\” and \”Greenpeace\”, the U.S. President slashed away with enforcing stricter laws in the Clean Air Act, for this further impacts asthma for children and lung damage in adults.  It makes me wonder, does he love his own children too? These standards as created […] … learn more→