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Students, not admin, complain about cheating

Students, not admin, complain about cheating

I’ve written many times how extraordinary the cheating is in higher education today. While certainly we can point at the students as responsible, a big reason for why it’s so out of control is administration actually encourages cheating. I’ve seen professors lose their jobs over catching cheaters, and certainly losing pay is quite possible for […] … learn more→

The Uber cheater economy

The Uber cheater economy

I’m no longer shocked with the cheating by students in higher education. There are many reasons for this, but foremost is how much higher education has changed. In times past, it was well known that higher education was about preparing a human being for more. It was literally written into the old rules of accreditation: […] … learn more→

Do online students cheat more on tests?

Do online students cheat more on tests?

A lot of faculty worry that they do. Given the cheating epidemic in college courses, why wouldn’t students be even more inclined to cheat in an unmonitored exam situation? Add to that how tech-savvy most college students are. Many know their way around computers and software better than their professors. Several studies report that the […] … learn more→

To stop exam cheats, Economists say, try assigning seats

Think seating charts in the classroom are needed only in elementary school? According to a new study, randomly assigned seats are also the most immediate way to prevent cheating among college students. The study was set in an introductory science course at an unnamed \”top American university\” in 2012, as 242 students prepared to take […] … learn more→

An innovative form of cheating emerges in MOOCs

What if Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) aren’t actually courses at all? Our research teams at Harvard and MIT have shown over and over again that MOOC students look and act nothing like conventional students of either residential universities or online programs. With a broader age distribution, a more diverse and international student body, wide […] … learn more→

Cheated of a ‘Real Carolina education’

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill recently released the findings of a detailed investigation into “irregular” classes run through the African and Afro-American Studies (AFAM) department. For those, like me, who proudly call themselves Tar Heels, the investigation provided plenty of disappointments: Students received credit for courses that never met and papers filled […] … learn more→

SAT and UNC: The difference between real and fraud, part 1

Last May, the SAT exams in South Korea were cancelled. Yes, for the whole country, cancelled. Why? Because of allegations of cheating. So, 1600 Korean students are denied the chance to take the test because, possibly a few dozen, maybe even hundreds, might be cheating. This is a sad thing because these students take their […] … learn more→

Higher education promotes cheating

Continuing with a book by an Australian academic, I see more reinforcement of what I’ve testified to in this blog. What I’ve read leads to another conjecture on my part. See, there’s obviously something really wrong in the world right now. America, as “world leader,” obviously has to be part of that wrong. Fraud, lies, […] … learn more→

Why did Sunrise Semester fail?

Last time around I reminded the gentle reader of a problem with the online craze in education, beyond the simple fact that most of it is, obviously, fraudulent. Sunrise Semester, college courses via tv programming, had everything online coursework does, but wasn’t anywhere near as successful. What does the internet have to offer that Sunrise […] … learn more→

Air Force nuke officers caught up in big cheating scandal

I’m disappointed, but not surprised, at the military cheating scandals, where 34 officers got together and exchanged answers on their monthly proficiency exams (Air Force) and where instructors where exchanging answers so they could be instructors (Navy). This is pretty scary stuff, as these guys are in control of nuclear weapons and reactors—you kinda want […] … learn more→