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Let’s call it: 30 years of above average temperatures means the climate has changed

If you’re younger than 30, you’ve never experienced a month in which the average surface temperature of the Earth was below average. Each month, the US National Climatic Data Center calculates Earth’s average surface temperature using temperature measurements that cover the Earth’s surface. Then, another average is calculated for each month of the year for […] … learn more→

Australian Academy of Science brings climate change closer to home

The Australian Academy of Sciences today released the new The Science of Climate Change: Questions and Answers. This is an extensively revised update of a similar publication in 2010. Its stated purpose is to “provide an understanding based on our present scientific knowledge, of some key questions about climate change”. What is notable about the […] … learn more→

Isolated scholars: Making bricks, not shaping policy

In last month’s State of the Union address, President Obama sounded the alarm on climate change, pausing to enumerate his administration’s accomplishments but also underscoring the problems that lie ahead. Though his speech encompassed myriad issues facing the American public, Obama emphasized that \”no challenge—no challenge—poses a greater threat to future generations than climate change.\” […] … learn more→

The economic cost of climate change: time for new math

Climate change is as much an economic problem as an environmental one. The effects of climate change, such as damage from more severe weather or health problems from higher temperatures, will impose a cost on society. On the other hand, moving away from a fossil fuel-based energy system will require significant investments into low-carbon technologies. […] … learn more→

Striving for a climate change

Last year, as the summer heat broke, a congregation of climate scientists and communicators gathered at the headquarters of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, a granite edifice erected in the heart of Washington, to wail over their collective futility. Year by year, the evidence for human-caused global warming has grown more robust. […] … learn more→

Climate Change News from New York

….what WILL NOT happen.   This is from a news story from the Associated Press – flash! The United States WILL NOT join 73 other countries to support a price on carbon. Brazil WILL NOT sign a pledge to halt deforestation by 2030. China WILL NOT agree to President Obama\’s declaration that \”nobody gets a […] … learn more→

New study identifies the top 90 producers of industrial carbon emissions

This weeks publication in the journal Climatic Change by Richard Heede on Tracing anthropogenic carbon dioxide and methane emissions to fossil fuel and cement producers, 1854–2010 provides a robust scientific basis for motivating fresh thinking and dialogue about responsibility for taking action to address climate change. The responsibilities for climate change fall on many shoulders, […] … learn more→

Rising temperature, rising food prices

Agriculture as it exists today developed over 11,000 years of rather remarkable climate stability. It has evolved to maximize production within that climate system. Now, suddenly, the climate is changing. With each passing year, the agricultural system is becoming more out of sync with the climate system. In generations past, when there was an extreme […] … learn more→

China can teach the West about tackling climate change

China has become a popular target of environmental ire, drawing criticism for its soaring carbon emissions and perceived intransigence during climate negotiations. Nonetheless, an easy target isn’t always a legitimate one. The charges frequently levelled at China mask the country’s historic, and I would argue instructive, efforts to mitigate climate change. Consider the tenor adopted […] … learn more→

Who will speak up for climate change adaptation?

As with the federal elections of 2007 and 2010, climate change appears set to feature again in the forthcoming September poll. Yet one of the most important aspects of the issue, that of adaptation to climate change, is again unlikely to garner any attention. Climate change and its associated global changes (prominently sea level rise […] … learn more→