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Lesbian Provost fired for corruption

Lesbian Provost fired for corruption

In earlier essays I mentioned how once a Social Justice Warrior gets control of hiring, it’s a lockdown: all further hires are SJWs, or Progressives, or Leftists, or whatever you want to call them. Now, as evidence for my claim I could simply point to the strong Leftist leanings of the admin/faculty/staff on our campuses: […] … learn more→

Why Inside Higher Ed faces a dubious future

On January 19, David Halperin published a piece with the Huffington Post on the purchase of a controlling interest in Inside Higher Ed by the private-equity firm Quad Partners, which has invested heavily in for-profit colleges and educational consulting firms. Here are the opening paragraphs of Halperin’s article: “Quad Partners, a New York private equity […] … learn more→

Conflict of interest: Disclosure to whom? And how?

Conflict of interest in academic science is a controversial, but most of all a highly emotional, issue in the academy. Scientists and administrators disagree vehemently about whether it is a good or bad thing, and many aver that it has no impact on research—or that it is no one’s business. The thing is that the […] … learn more→