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Heart disease on the rise for younger women and here’s why…..

Heart disease on the rise for younger women and here’s why…..

Heart disease is the primary killer among woman and typically occurs when the arteries of the heart are blocked. Although heart attacks and cardiovascular disease were thought to happen solely to middle age or senior women, the condition is on the rise for the younger set. Stress and Millennials Millennials are driven and have now […] … learn more→

Which ads are winners? Your brain knows better than you do

Advertisers and public health officials may be able to access hidden wisdom in the brain to more effectively sell their products and promote health and safety, UCLA neuroscientists report in the first study to use brain data to predict how large populations will respond to advertisements. Thirty smokers who were trying to quit watched television […] … learn more→

Peak meat: U.S. meat consumption falling

U.S. meat consumption has peaked. Data from the U.S. Department of Agriculture show that meat eating across the country fell from the 2004 high point of 184 pounds (83 kilograms) per person to 171 pounds in 2011. Early estimates for 2012 project a further reduction in American meat eating to 166 pounds, making for a […] … learn more→

LOHAS wellness trends

After scanning health and wellness trends for 2012 here are a few that caught my eye along with my own perspectices that are LOHAS related. 1. Yoga & Meditation as Mainstream Treatment: Interest in alternative treatments will experience a second surge. Even though interest in alternative treatments is already high, more people, practitioners and patients […] … learn more→

CFL vs Incandescent

CFL bulbs have been touted as the solution to reducing energy use in the home. But where is the savings if the environment and the health of those in the home are put at additional risk? Incandescent bulbs give off a soft, steady radiant light from a bulb made with safe, non-toxic materials. However, CFL […] … learn more→