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How to encourage literacy in young children (and beyond)

How to encourage literacy in young children (and beyond)

Literacy involves meaning-making with materials that humans use to communicate – be they visual, written, spoken, sung, and/or drawn. Definitions vary according to culture, personal values and theories. We look to a broad definition of literacy as guided by UNESCO to be inclusive for all families. Children learn to be literate in a variety of […] … learn more→

Banned Books Awareness: “Banned Books saved from burning in Canada”

Just two days before Deborah Merrick, Branch Manager at Merritt Library in British Columbia, was scheduled to burn banned books, members of the community came forward to stop her. “People came in and said they didn’t want any books burned,” Merrick said. “I didn’t have a single person come out and say that burning books […] … learn more→

Banned Books Awareness: “Literacy is a Lifestyle”

March is National Reading and Grammar Month here in the United States. It is built around the birthday of Dr. Seuss, as March 2 is honored with a National Read Across America Day. Libraries and schools from coast to coast held reading parties and celebrated the written word; but for all the festivity, we have […] … learn more→

Book drive aides literacy

A group of Griffith University education students is spreading the literacy message by donating books to Indigenous communities in remote areas. As part of their Indigenous Studies course, the third-year students decided to turn their learning into community-based action by organising their own “Share-a-book Project”. They are asking for donations of good quality second-hand or […] … learn more→