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How Philosophy makes progress

Philosophy was the first academic field; the founder of the Academy was Plato. Nevertheless, philosophy’s place in academe can stir up controversy. The ancient lineage itself provokes dissension. Philosophy’s lack of progress over the past 2,500 years is accepted as a truism, trumpeted not only by naysayers but even by some of its most enthusiastic […] … learn more→

Philosophy is dead white – and dead wrong

1841 For Solomon Northup, it marked the beginning of “12 Years a Slave”, but for Frederick Douglass, it marked the beginning of 50 years a public speaker. Reflecting on that beginning, Douglass tells us – in the second of his three autobiographies, My Bondage and My Freedom (1855) – that “[d]uring the first three or […] … learn more→

Bieberians at the Gate?

One of the oldest questions of philosophy is, \”Who guards the guardians?\” When Plato posed this question — if not quite this succinctly — his concern was with how a community can keep its leaders focused on the good of the whole. Plato\’s answer was that guardians should govern themselves — philosophy would train their […] … learn more→

Why Academia needs Ecovillages p.6: Theoretical v applied

Of course we need to train (and sometimes even hire!) Ph.D.s. But also, and perhaps more importantly, we need to train community builders – applied scientists – with the knowledge, skills, and commitment to create sustainable models of living and working together in peaceful and productive ways. … learn more→