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How do robots ‘see’ the world?

How do robots ‘see’ the world?

The world has gone mad for robots with articles talking almost every day about the coming of the robot revolution. But is all the hype, excitement and sometimes fear justified? Is the robot revolution really coming? The answer is probably that in some areas of our lives we will see more robots soon. But realistically, […] … learn more→

We can’t blame the loss of mid-level jobs purely on robots

Several developed countries including the US, UK and Germany have seen their labour markets polarised in recent decades as the number of middle-skilled jobs has declined relative to that of low and high-skilled ones. Technology has been singled out as the main culprit: computers and automation have reduced the demand for mid-level skilled workers in […] … learn more→

Thousand-robot swarm assembles itself into shapes

There is something magical about seeing 1,000 robots move, when humans are not operating any of them. In a new study published in Science, researchers have achieved just that. This swarm of 1,000 robots can assemble themselves into complex shapes without the need for a central brain or a human controller. Self-assembly of this kind […] … learn more→

Woodie Flowers, a pioneer of hands-on engineering education

When Woodie Flowers SM ’68, MEng ’71, PhD ’73 was an MIT student in mechanical engineering, most of his classes involved paper-and-pencil design exercises with predetermined “right” solutions; actual class-related construction work tended to be limited to small test devices, built by the book. But having grown up taking things apart and putting them back […] … learn more→

Robots to sense environment: A new edge to next Gen surveillance

Scientists at Lockheed Martin have been developing prototypes at the Advanced Technologies Laboratory, which are expected to obtain useful intelligence in sensitive areas. This prototype was unveiled last month and can survey its environment, calculate lines of sight, locate good hiding places and detect potential threats. These prototype robots have been created with stealthy bodies […] … learn more→