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Removing social media hate speech within 24 hours sounds like a good idea, but…

Removing social media hate speech within 24 hours sounds like a good idea, but…

In a bid to fight escalating anti-migrant propaganda, the European Commission this month released a blueprint for regulating online hate, which requires social media companies to take down racist material within 24 hours. This joint code of conduct sounds like a positive political compromise. But it’s unclear how it will work in practice and how […] … learn more→

The impact of Social Media on marketing strategy

The impact of Social Media on marketing strategy

Social media has changed the world by connecting people more easily than ever before. The marketing industry has also been changed immensely by the introduction of social media marketing. It has become much easier to reach reaching the desired demographic than it ever was with any other type of content marketing, especially with the introduction […] … learn more→

Top mistakes to avoid while marketing on social media

Top mistakes to avoid while marketing on social media

In today’s Internet era the social media marketing is important for every business, whether for online or offline products and services. It need not be taken lightly. In this context usually people consider social media an easy going platform for marketers, but social media services suggest to take things seriously. Failing to post regularly It […] … learn more→

“Fifteen minutes of fame” and a lifetime of notoriety

One of the effects of the rise of social media and “reality” entertainment is that we are all, in effect, in danger of becoming the topics of tabloid stories. It used to be that you had to be already famous at least to some degree for anyone to be interested in the stupid things that […] … learn more→

Using social media in the classroom: Why there’s a lot to like

Are your students constantly updating their statuses on Facebook? Uploading selfies to Instagram at inappropriate times? Refreshing their Twitter feed every five seconds? Chances are the answer is “yes,” and if you’re like the majority of teachers, you find it mildly annoying at best, or a serious impediment to learning at worst. Thankfully, it doesn’t […] … learn more→

A gay old time? Social media lessons from Russia

As the Winter Olympics in Sochi draw to a close, a brief survey of trending topics across social media and international press reveal some entertaining and frightening contradictions on the slippery slopes of privacy, politics and disruptive sexuality. The ramifications of challenging the established order are evident in brutal images of gay men beaten by […] … learn more→

Can you Tweet your way to your next job?

How much can you say in 140 characters? A lot — and often. Just ask the millions of Twitter users worldwide. Companies large and small are aggressively growing their Twitter presence to communicate directly with their customers, partners, investors, employees and potential candidates. In response, professionals are creating profiles that showcase their expertise, opinions and […] … learn more→

Workers’ strikes and Facebook likes

25 January 2011 was the day Egypt’s revolt began. People flooded the streets of cities across the country, calling for an end to the Mubarak regime. Two days later – in a moment unprecedented in history – the government turned off Egypt’s internet, in the hope of quelling massive civil unrest. It didn’t work. Two […] … learn more→

It\’s 3am. Do you know what\’s happening with your Social Media?

It generally starts with a statement and then ends with a question. The statement is usually framed as: \”Social media is/are a 24/7 concern.\” The question that follows said statement has consistently been: \”What do we do about that?\” There\’s a fascinating fear of social media that is ingrained in a lot of student affairs […] … learn more→

RIOT gear: your online trail just got way more visible

The recent publication of a leaked video demonstrating American security firm Raytheon’s social media mining tool RIOT (Rapid Information Overlay Technology) has rightly incensed individuals and online privacy groups. In a nutshell, RIOT – already shared with US government and industry as part of a joint research and development effort in 2010 – uses social […] … learn more→