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Superstar teachers

As leaders in government and business search for ways to strengthen the U.S. recovery, new research from faculty at Harvard and Columbia indicates that elementary school teachers have an impact on how much their students earn as adults and, by extension, on the nation’s economy. “If an elementary school student has an excellent teacher even […] … learn more→

Open sesame! Taking university education to the world via the web

The word “open” has grown educational wings over the past decade. From the British Open University, which enrolled its first students in 1971, the concept has expanded to mean various ways of relaxing the traditional barriers to entry, study and success in higher education. So what does it mean to be open? There are four […] … learn more→

Are students \’the problem\’ when it comes to Uni success?

When uni drop out happens, it can be tempting to balme the student. But this is simplistic thinking at its worst. The ways in which students from low socio-economic status in Australian higher education are thought about and talked about need some careful examination. There are deficit conceptions of students from low socio-economic backgrounds and […] … learn more→

Playing catch up: Should students repeat a grade at school?

Making students repeat a year when they’re not doing well socially or academically is not uncommon in Australia. About 8-10% of students repeat a grade at some point in school life. But there is a major assumption underlying the practice – it is thought that retaining students in a grade for an extra year provides […] … learn more→

Outside the classroom, students create future businesses

At a recent meeting of the 23-year-old MIT Entrepreneurs Club, one recent graduate of the Sloan School of Management described his plans for a business — one based on his solution to a little-recognized problem that currently costs airlines $10 billion a year. Another alumnus, an engineer who recently retired after a career in the […] … learn more→

Mobile App puts sea life at student\’s fingertips

A new mobile app developed at Duke University lets students – or anyone using an iPad tablet device – access a vast virtual library of videos, photos, maps, audio and descriptive text about some of the sea\’s most charismatic creatures. With a touch of the screen, users can watch humpback whales being tagged off the […] … learn more→

Reputation and buying power tipping recruitment towards North America

The number of students seeking an international education experience is ever-increasing. The number enrolled in higher education outside of their country of citizenship has risen dramatically, from 600,000 worldwide in 1975 to 3.3m in 2008. This is estimated to reach 8m by 2025. Typically, it is the English-speaking destinations that command the highest demand, regardless […] … learn more→