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No, teachers are not so bad

No, teachers are not so bad

Two and a half months after the broadcast of the hashtag #pasdevagues , launched in October by teachers to denounce the lack of support from their hierarchy in the face of school violence, the movement of red pens is gaining momentum. Its supporters claim among other things a thaw of the index point and the end of job cuts . These events, […] … learn more→

Preschoolers\’ reading skills benefit from one modest change

A small change in how teachers and parents read aloud to preschoolers may provide a big boost to their reading skills later on, a new study found. That small change involves making specific references to print in books while reading to children – such as pointing out letters and words on the pages, showing capital […] … learn more→

Unhappy teacher: Bad apple or the tree?

When teachers become stressed out, who – or what – is to blame? The teachers themselves? Or the school environment in which they work? These were the questions behind a longitudinal study of teacher stress and wellbeing, involving 679 high school teachers from Australia, Norway and in international schools worldwide. Lead author Dr Richard Burns, […] … learn more→