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Helping teachers get better at ‘how’ to teach as well as ‘what’ to teach

Helping teachers get better at ‘how’ to teach as well as ‘what’ to teach

It’s always difficult to step out of your comfort zone. This is true for teachers too; research has shown that many educators are resistant to change. This manifests in many ways. Some don’t want to try out new assessment methods. Others are reluctant to use technology for teaching. And some resist any sort of professional development […] … learn more→

Good teaching = More debt

Good teaching = More debt

Most folks think that the reason “for profit” schools are more expensive than “public” schools is because the former are trying to make a buck. It seems a good working hypothesis, but “non profit” schools are also (often) wildly more expensive than state schools, and all too often are clearly as motivated by profits as […] … learn more→

Does a shorter week help kids with their learning?

How would you react if you were told that your local public school planned to change the schedule from the traditional Monday-through-Friday model to a schedule that contained four longer school days? Would you worry about long days for young children, their academic accomplishments and, of course, childcare? Across the US many public school districts […] … learn more→

Six things that make College teachers successful

1. Study the knowledge base of teaching and learning. You have chosen to teach in higher education because you are a subject-matter specialist with a tremendous knowledge of your discipline. As you enter or continue your career, there is another field of knowledge you need to know: teaching and learning. What we know about teaching […] … learn more→

When should we lecture?

There are purists among us who would say that we should never lecture, but I don’t think that’s terribly realistic, and I’m still not ready to totally rule out lectures. As faculty, we bring expertise to learners and having an expert around when you don’t know something can be very helpful. Do most teachers still […] … learn more→

Who’s afraid of ‘Rate your Professor’?

A number of years ago as a PhD student, I was told that you must “publish or perish”. The advice was clear: teaching should be secondary in any considerations. Instead, I should prioritise producing as many “A-Star” journal articles as possible, apply for all sorts of grants and consider teaching a necessary evil. “Universities would […] … learn more→

I don\’t like teaching. There, I said it.

I will never forget the day. I was in my third year of graduate school and had reached a point where I was comfortable discussing things with a faculty mentor. Perhaps letting down my guard too easily, I told him that I was not so sure I liked teaching. That was an understatement. My admission […] … learn more→

Academic arrogance

For years and years I taught 3D computer modelling and animation to architects and interior designers. As you probably know, when you have been teaching something difficult for a while you start to see the same mistakes over and over again. It’s easy, dangerously easy, to forget that it’s new people making these same mistakes […] … learn more→

Who is the racist?

When I first read this story in the Boston Globe I really felt affronted that a faculty within Harvard University would band together to have a fellow faculty member ‘removed’ from a teaching profession. It appears that an article by Subramanian Swamy in the Daily News in India had upset Harvard fellow staff and they […] … learn more→