The New Rules of Green Marketing: Strategies, Tools, and Inspiration for Sustainable Branding


Greener products are now available within every industry and are a part of our everyday lives. But they didn\’t get to be so ubiquitous just because they are better for the planet. Whether they were promoted as such or not, sales of green products grew because they were appreciated by a growing chorus of consumers for the value they provide—expressed as safety, comfort, good taste, safety or simply convenience.

This central emphasis on primary benefits is critical to winning over the mainstream consumer–and to driving overall organizational growth. The New Rules of Green Marketing helps readers understand why value-based sustainability marketing has become a critical organizational capacity, and how readers can adopt these practices in their own organizations. Illustrated by examples from both leading mainstream brands and the more niche-y \”deep green\” brands who are showing everyone else the way, the book provides practical strategies for building every aspect of a credible value-based green marketing strategy, including:

  • How to communicate principles with credibility and impac
  • How to avoid \”greenwashing\”
  • How to team up with stakeholders to maximize outreach to consumers
  • How to best take advantage of recent technological advances to further the impact

The New Rules of Green Marketing captures the best of the author\’s previous titles on green marketing and takes the content into the 21st Century. Whereas earlier works focused on readers who were less familiar with green initiatives, this work squarely focuses on a new generation of marketers who likely themselves grew up with an appreciation of environmental stewardship and who want and need to know how to connect effectively with mainstream customers.

About the Author

Jacquelyn Ottman has been consulting in the arena of green business for over 20 years as the president and founder of J. Ottman Consulting. Ottman and her team have helped over 60 of the Fortune 500 find competitive advantage by leveraging credible green marketing and eco-innovation strategies. Clients include: 3M, IBM, Nike, Epson, Samsung, HSBC, Avery Dennison, Johnson and Johnson, SCJohnson and ULEnvironment. As an advisor to the U.S. government\’s voluntary eco-labeling programs, Ottman has helped launch the U.S. EPA’s Energy Star, SmartWay and Design for Environment eco-labels, and is currently assisting in the launch of the USDA\’s BioBased label.