Monthly Archives: September 2010

Illiteracy on the internet

As a college student, I can safely say that Generation Z (those of us born after 1989) is illiterate in the virtual world. In forums and instant messengers, grammar, spelling, and punctuation are appalling. Normally this would not be much of an issue; as with all writing, it is necessary to adjust tone to fit […] … learn more→

Free EcoApps

MeterRead™ is a money saving, eco-friendly app that eliminates the confusion of reading your electric meter and more importantly, gives you feedback on your energy use with each reading. … learn more→

Staying afloat with submarine rice

South Asian rice farmers are switching to flood-tolerant strains of rice as insurance against inundations. \’\’Submergence-tolerant rice varieties are classic examples of adaptation to climate change,\’\’ says Uma Shankar Singh, a rice scientist with the Philippines-based International Rice Research Institute (IRRI). Singh, who is currently in India, told IPS that the IRRI plans to transfer […] … learn more→

Lessons in sustainability

Like everything else in life, living a sustainable lifestyle is an educational experience. It is what we take from those lessons that can make all the difference in the world. … learn more→

Time to wake the world

This year has seen outbreaks of extreme weather in many regions of the world. No one can say with certainty that events such as the flooding in Pakistan, the unprecedented weather episodes in some parts of the US, the heatwave and drought in Russia, or the floods and landslides in northern China were influenced by […] … learn more→

Hydrogen: fuel or bomb?

There is a lot of debate over what fuel will propel our automobiles into the next century and beyond. Even though hydrogen is a front-runner in this race, many experts are still worried that it will fall short of expectations. … learn more→

Researchers design tool to improve Wikipedia accuracy

Check the Microsoft entry on Wikipedia at some point in the past and you might have learned that the company’s name is Microshaft, its products are evil and its logo is a kitten. Similarly, you may have learned from Abraham Lincoln’s Wikipedia entry that he was married to Brayson Kondracki, his birth date is March […] … learn more→

Dalhousie University builds the greenest building in the land

The Mona Campbell Building is the greenest place to go at Dalhousie University. It’s a showpiece of green design, from the urinals in the men’s washroom to bike racks outside and inside the building. \”Dal’s efforts at green building began with the Rowe Building in the 1990s,\” says Rochelle Owen, director of Dal’s Office of […] … learn more→