Monthly Archives: October 2010

Colleges: Surge in sustainability and savings

Facing frugal times, more schools are finding that energy efficiency improvements can cut costs without cutting campus services. Connecting the dots between sustainability and savings is an accelerating trend revealed in the new College Sustainability Report Card 2011. Released this week at, the publication is the only independent evaluation of sustainability in campus operations […] … learn more→

Bad vibrations: assassin bugs trap spiders in web of deceit

A spider\’s greatest weapon, its web, is being used against it. Sydney scientists have uncovered the way insects named, rather aptly, assassin bugs can mimic the vibrations of prey caught in a web, luring the spider to within striking range. A Macquarie University biologist and co-author of the study, Phil Taylor, said spiders determine what […] … learn more→

Simplicity series: Analyzing our time (Part 5)

In the last post, we tracked everything we did and the money we spent for one week. In this exercise, it’s time to analyze the time portion of your weekly habits. We will analyze how you spent your money in the next post. 1) Go through the log of activities and calculate how many hours you […] … learn more→

Robotic gripper runs on coffee … and balloons

The human hand is an amazing machine that can pick up, move and place objects easily, but for a robot, this “gripping” mechanism is a vexing challenge. Opting for simple elegance, researchers from Cornell University, University of Chicago and iRobot have bypassed traditional designs based around the human hand and fingers, and created a versatile […] … learn more→

Breaking down the nuclear debate

How our generation approaches and deals with the issue of energy policy will inevitably be a large component in ensuring a prosperous economy for future generations. The information we now hold in regards to pollution, climate change, geopolitics and health risks is not, unfortunately, pointing us in any specific policy direction. In the midst of the […] … learn more→

Popular climate, energy consumer guide goes global

Topten International Group and WWF today announced the launch of the popular Topten consumer guides in the U.S.A. and mainland China, giving people around the world the opportunity to fight climate change by making informed decisions on the energy costs of the appliances they buy. Topten is an international alliance of organizations, including WWF, which […] … learn more→