Monthly Archives: October 2010

WWF award recognises Argentina’s ocean protection efforts

Nagoya, Japan – WWF today awarded one of its highest accolades – Leaders for a Living Planet (LLP) – to Argentina’ s National Park Administration President, Dr. Patricia Gandini, in recognition of her leadership in the country’ s conservation efforts in the south-west Atlantic Ocean and the establishment of four new marine protected areas. The […] … learn more→

Apartment residents take on green energy approach

Over the weekend I was having late breakfast in a shopping mall nearest my place when I spotted my local Council’s newsletter, the Council’s Quarterly Report to the Community. The article in particular caught my eye, something about apartment dwellers taking on a sustainable approach.  From what I learnt in the brief news, the Council […] … learn more→

Is aid doing Haiti more harm than good?

There is a flicker of hope over the horizon for people like Eddy, with Haitian authorities preparing a partial credit guarantee fund, which they hope will bring down interest rates to affordable levels on $140 million in loans to allow small businesses and entrepreneurs to get back on their feet. But the engine of foreign […] … learn more→

Wealth obscenity – ramblings

When I was 16 I read Mao’s Little Red Book and the collective philosophies of Karl Marx. I think I even attended a couple of meetings of the very small Christchurch, New Zealand, Communist Party. Coming from a family totally entrenched in the Labour Party – my grand father was a Member of the Legislative […] … learn more→

Four questions to answer in every appeal

To grow your donor base and total donations you need to have an appropriate \”Call to Action\” in every appeal. The problem is that many nonprofit campaigns lack that. Hence the problem of the \”Call to Inaction.\” It\’s great to state who you are and what you do, but if you never clearly ask for […] … learn more→

Professor teaches Nano course in virtual world

On Mondays at 10 a.m. this fall semester, graduate students in the Nanomedicine in Healthcare course at The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (UTHealth) log into an online virtual world known as Second Life, activate their computer-generated personae or avatars and head off to class. Waiting for them on the shore of […] … learn more→

Scary Chupacabras monster Is as much victim as villain

As Halloween approaches, tales of monsters and creepy crawlies abound. Among the most fearsome is the legendary beast known as the chupacabras. But the real fiend is not the hairless, fanged animal purported to attack and drink the blood of livestock; it\’s a tiny, eight-legged creature that turns a healthy, wild animal into a chupacabras, […] … learn more→