Monthly Archives: December 2010

The universe\’s most massive stars can form in near isolation, new study finds

New observations by University of Michigan astronomers add weight to the theory that the most massive stars in the universe could form essentially anywhere, including in near isolation; they don\’t need a large stellar cluster nursery. This is the most detailed observational study to date of massive stars that appear (from the ground) to be […] … learn more→

Yale -‘Microloans’ available for money- and environment-saving ideas

Supporting innovative ideas that save money and resources is the focus of the new Yale Sustainability Microloan Fund, recently announced by the University\’s Office of Sustainability. The fund was created to encourage members of the Yale community — students, staff and faculty — to come up with creative ideas that will make the campus a […] … learn more→

The emotional computer

Cambridge University film provides a glimpse of how robots and humans could interact in the future. Can computers understand emotions? Can computers express emotions? Can they feel emotions? The latest video from the University of Cambridge shows how emotions can be used to improve interaction between humans and computers. When people talk to each other, […] … learn more→

Computers spot mistletoe hugs and kisses

Hugs and kisses exchanged under the mistletoe are among the human interactions which can now be automatically recognised by computers from video footage, thanks to new research. The technology, developed at Oxford University, can also automatically recognise interactions such as handshakes and high fives. It is part of research to enable computers to automatically analyse […] … learn more→

Three-quarters of IT departments are working to reduce energy use, CDW-G survey finds

CDW Government LLC (CDW-G), a leading source of Information Technology (IT) solutions to government, education and healthcare customers, today released its 2010 Energy Efficient IT Report, based on a July survey of 756 information technology (IT) professionals in the public and private sectors who purchase IT equipment. The survey found that three-quarters of U.S. organizations […] … learn more→

Did the FCC deliver on net neutrality?

In a world now increasingly utilizing and gaining access to the Internet and its virtual and digital prospects, genuine freedom will never be attainable nor truly genuine without net neutrality. It also needs to be real net neutrality, not limited net neutrality that gives corporations like AT&T and Verizon the ability to restrict our access […] … learn more→

University of Melbourne appoints new head of Research

Highly regarded immunologist Professor Jim McCluskey has been appointed Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) at the University of Melbourne. Professor McCluskey, who trained in Perth as a physician and later as a pathologist, is currently Associate Dean of Major Projects in the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences and Pro Vice-Chancellor (Research Partnerships) at the University. […] … learn more→

Drink green tea regularly? Your habit may alter how you perceive flavors

Regular drinkers of green tea may be altering how they perceive flavors, a Cornell University food scientist reports in the January issue of the journal Food Quality and Preference. Karl Siebert blames polyphenol-rich drinks, such as green tea, with boosting astringent sensations and our sensitivity to acids. He stumbled on the finding while studying the […] … learn more→