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Digital ants protect computer networks

Digital ants protect computer networks

As the nation’s electrical power grid becomes more interconnected through the Internet — from the nuclear power plant in California to transmission lines in Texas to the microwave in your kitchen — the chances of cyber attacks increase as well. Errin Fulp, a professor of computer science at Wake Forest University, is training an army […] … learn more→

UQ researcher teaches robots to invent their own language

University of Queensland (UQ) postdoctoral research fellow Dr Ruth Schulz and her colleagues have created a pair of robots that have their own language. The ‘Lingodroids\’ are a pair of mobile robots that communicate by developing their own words for places, and relationships between places based on distance and direction. The language sounds like a […] … learn more→

Can social networking save the world’s amphibians?

Any adventurer, hiker or backyard naturalist with a camera can help scientists survey and hopefully save the world’s amphibians thanks to a new social networking site that links “citizen scientists” with researchers tracking the decline of amphibians around the globe. The Global Amphibian Blitz is a new partnership between the University of California, Berkeley’s AmphibiaWeb, […] … learn more→

Fund and games: loosening Europe’s grip on the IMF

Speculation last week that Paul Keating and Peter Costello could nominate for the top job at the International Monetary Fund (IMF) was a mere distraction, but the hoopla did manage to highlight a crucial issue: the need for reform at the top of the world’s economic institutions. Since Dominique Strauss-Kahn’s dramatic exit from his post […] … learn more→