Monthly Archives: September 2011

Sustainable health: Bootcamp workouts that make you sick

Exercising should be healthy for you right? Well not all forms of exercise are good for your body. There are exercise routines that can cause tendinitis, back pain, shoulder clicking, and even tingling down the arms and legs.  Unfortunately, the average consumer can’t tell the difference between a safe and effective workout versus an unsafe […] … learn more→

Smarter robot arms

Ask someone with her hands in her lap to pick up a coffee mug on the table she’s sitting at, and she’ll extract her hand from under the table and stretch her arm out toward the mug. Instruct an autonomous robot to perform the same feat, and it may think for a few seconds, zigzag […] … learn more→

\’Inexhaustible\’ source of hydrogen may be unlocked by salt water

A grain of salt or two may be all that microbial electrolysis cells need to produce hydrogen from wastewater or organic byproducts, without adding carbon dioxide to the atmosphere or using grid electricity, according to Penn State engineers. \”This system could produce hydrogen anyplace that there is wastewater near sea water,\” said Bruce E. Logan, […] … learn more→

Canada: Partner of choice in international education

The Canadian university community AUCChas a long history of internationalisation through activities such as student mobility, research collaboration and international development cooperation. An international dimension to the student experience is becoming increasingly vital in order to provide graduates with the necessary skills for living and working in a global economy. Employers place a high value […] … learn more→

Bone drug is mixed blessing for breast cancer patients

A drug used to protect bone may extend survival in older breast cancer patients, according to researchers at the Universities of Sheffield and Leeds. The AZURE trial, led by Professor Robert Coleman from the University of Sheffield, has revealed that the bisphosphonate drug zoledronic acid boosts disease-free survival in postmenopausal breast cancer patients but may […] … learn more→

How to crush procrastination at High School

As far as study problems go, procrastination is a big one. Whenever we get an enquiry from a student, it’s usually a plea for help on how to get motivated and stay focused. Quite often it feels like these students want a quick fix solution to their study woes… perhaps they haven’t quite got the […] … learn more→

Financial Aid changes to expect next year

Earlier this year the United States came very close to a government shutdown. Even after everything was resolved most Americans still had questions, students especially were wondering what would happen to financial aid. As tuition increases continue the availability of financial aid has slowly been decreasing. … learn more→