Monthly Archives: November 2011

Banned Books Awareness: “Bloody Mama”

Newswires around the world were abuzz last Wednesday after government officials in New Zealand seized a copy of “Bloody Mama” from a local business; the book has been banned there since 1971. Written by Robert Thom and published in 1970 by New English Library, the novel is based on the true story of Kate \”Ma\” […] … learn more→

University of Pennsylvania to launch new online web tool for K-16 Global Studies educators

Four centers at the University of Pennsylvania have joined to create the Greater Philadelphia Education Network Web site, a gateway to global resources for Delaware Valley K-16 educators. The new site,, is the work of the South Asia Center, African Studies Center, Center for East Asian Studies and Middle East Center. A launch party […] … learn more→

Food is ‘the great convenor

“Cities can’t exist without farms,” says Mark Bomford, the newly appointed director of the Yale Sustainable Food Project. A Canadian transplant, Bomford comes to Yale from the University of British Columbia (UBC), where he honed his vision of making a university the standard-bearer for raising the food consciousness of a growing population of city dwellers […] … learn more→

High sugar diet of mums-to-be linked to larger babies and childhood obesity

Consuming too many high sugar and high GI foods like white bread and fruit juice during pregnancy can increase the chances of giving birth to a larger baby, according to study findings. And with recent international studies linking higher birth weight to later childhood obesity, researchers are asking mums-to-be to watch their weight before and […] … learn more→

Credit payment patterns

Credit card users are likely to pay less toward their debt if their monthly bills display information about the minimum amount required, according to an international team of researchers including Boston College Carroll School of Management Accenture Professor of Marketing Kay Lemon and Assistant Professor Linda Salisbury. For many debt-laden consumers, including the minimum required […] … learn more→

A road map to cleaner energy

After studying U.S. energy innovation for three years, Harvard Kennedy School (HKS) researchers have recommended nearly doubling research and development spending and pushing private industry to adopt new technology by putting a price on carbon emissions. The report, “Transforming U.S. Energy Innovation,” was released by the Energy Technology Innovation Policy research group in the Kennedy […] … learn more→

Living with the Inugguit

In 2010, researcher Stephen Leonard began a 12-month research project, documenting the disappearing oral traditions of the northernmost settled people on Earth. Now a short film about his experiences living with the Inugguit, whose way of life is threatened by climate change, is being released online. … learn more→

Childless women at greater risk of poor health

Childless women may experience poorer health and wellbeing than the general Australian female population, according to the results of a Deakin University study. Deakin health researchers examined the physical and mental health and wellbeing of 50 childless women during the latter part of their reproductive years and considered their health and wellbeing in comparison to […] … learn more→