Monthly Archives: January 2012

Building a better bulb: Lighting revolution advances

With the industry’s support, new U.S. lighting efficiency standards went into effect this month. This move, along with similar actions in Europe and China, is helping spur new technologies that will change the way homes and businesses are illuminated. Despite an outcry from U.S. conservatives that new lighting efficiency standards infringe on personal freedom, legislation […] … learn more→

Microbubbles provide new boost for biofuel production

A solution to the difficult issue of harvesting algae for use as a biofuel has been developed using microbubble technology pioneered at the University of Sheffield. The technique builds on previous research in which microbubbles were used to improve the way algae is cultivated. Algae produce an oil which can be processed to create a […] … learn more→

Ancient dino nursery the oldest ever found

A James Cook University researcher has helped unearth a 190-million-year-old dinosaur nesting site in South Africa, the oldest nesting site for dinosaurs ever found. The discovery, of the prosauropod dinosaur Massospondylus, at an excavation site in South Africa, has revealed significant clues about the evolution of complex reproductive behaviour in early dinosaurs. Led by University […] … learn more→

Master of Philosophy (Sustainable Development)

The Institute of Sustainable Development and Architecture offers a Master of Philosophy by research program in urban development and sustainability, planning and urban design, events and facilities management, construction management and valuation, property development, infrastructure, environmental management/science and project management. … learn more→

Seeking the neurological roots of conflict

MIT postdoc Emile Bruneau has long been drawn to conflict — not as a participant, but an observer. In 1994, while doing volunteer work in South Africa, he witnessed firsthand the turmoil surrounding the fall of apartheid; during a 2001 trip to visit friends in Sri Lanka, he found himself in the midst of the […] … learn more→

Why some men go broke

Many Americans went into personal debt before the economic recession hit the country in 2008. Why? For some men, the biggest factor may have been intense competition to find a spouse. That’s the suggestion of a new study co-authored by an MIT professor that analyzes the ways social settings can affect people’s propensity to save […] … learn more→