Monthly Archives: March 2013

Chocolate: what\’s not to love about it?

As we are about to head into the annual chocolate gorging season, a timely post on all things chocolate. Chocolate is a food that brings immense pleasure and enjoyment to people and can be a part of any person’s regular diet. It\’s sweet, it\’s tasty, we desire it and crave it. And in case you […] … learn more→

With or without you: the role of the moon on life

From encouraging the first steps of life migrating from the oceans to the land, to stabilising Earth’s axial tilt against chaotic excursions, the moon is often put forth almost as a magical ingredient – a prerequisite for life. Of course, the question of the origin of life on Earth has long puzzled scientists. To date, […] … learn more→

Unbundling. . . and reinforcing the hierarchy?

With all the talk about the unbundling of higher education, some recent developments have me wondering whether some of the newer developments we’re seeing are actually reinforcing the existing hierarchy in this market to the benefit of elite schools. . . and at the expense of everyone else. About a year ago, I mentioned a […] … learn more→

The ethics of MOOCs

Like any cross between former entrepreneur, teacher of ethics and innovation, and higher ed scholar, I have been following the MOOC movement closely. It is, of course, a movement, with its own brand of evangelism and technological and demographic shock and awe. But it is also an idea whose time may have come, not so […] … learn more→

The brave new world of College branding

\’Dear Authentic Happiness Member,\” the e-mail began. \”Massage parlor,\” I thought, and reached for the delete button. Then I noticed the phrase \”Master of Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP) program.\” \”Diploma mill,\” I thought, and went for the spam filter. Then I saw \”University of Pennsylvania.\” \”Either a scam or something interesting,\” I thought, and read […] … learn more→

Too posh to promote?

Unlike some creative writers, I have a hard-nosed commercial bent to the way I promote my work that comes from a decade at the coal face of tabloid newspapers. Every journalist knows that you have to sell your story idea to the Chief of Staff or section editor before it will have the chance of […] … learn more→

Pig Farms and the Biohazard Pink Lakes

In 1961, the world\’s total meat supply was approximately 71 million tons. In 2007, it more than tripled to 284 million tons, according to United Nations. Americans eat approximately twice the global average, weighing in at a hefty eight ounces a day. Although America houses approximately five percent of the world\’s population, the United Nations […] … learn more→