Monthly Archives: April 2013

That best most imperfect place

A long, tough week has ended — more or less — in Boston. I grew up in Boston’s suburbs and spent twenty-five years away to return recently from grand adventures. Like millions of Boston expatriates living abroad – that is, west of Worcester – I always wanted to come back home someday. In these years, […] … learn more→

Split personality

My older daughter has wanted to see Jekyll and Hyde, the musical, on Broadway from the time that the announcement was made that the show as coming back to Broadway. She has not yet read the book but has seen an animated version and was fascinated by the story. I had read the book by […] … learn more→

Right to Work, by the Numbers, Part 2

The Impact of Immigration In the first post in this series, I attempted to counter the claim that the population shift from the “Rust Belt” to the “Sun Belt” has reflected a preference for living in “right-to-work” rather than in “pro-labor” states. I can both summarize that argument and extend it by pointing out that […] … learn more→

Politics as tribal allegiance

How strongly wedded are people to their political preferences? The received wisdom amongst political journalists and pollsters is that most people can be counted on to vote for one major party or another, and only a relatively small percentage of people swing elections. It is these people – swinging voters, as they called in Australia […] … learn more→

Why it’s ok to diss Gwyneth, but not Beyonce

Oscar-winning actress and self-styled lifestyle adviser Gwyneth Paltrow has featured in the press recently, coinciding with the launch of her second book It’s All Good: Delicious, Easy Recipes that Will Make You Look Good and Feel Great. The book reportedly presents a range of healthy recipes from Gwyneth’s own kitchen, accompanied by salubrious photos of […] … learn more→

Students without borders

Question (from \”Edwina\”): Why, oh why, do faculty members and instructors of all stripes have to put our e-mail addresses on our syllabi? In the past, students could contact us in class, before and after class, and during office hours. But now, with smartphones, we\’ve somehow become 24/7 personal assistants. In any week, I average […] … learn more→

Giving Rush the bum’s rush

Over the last few weeks, the authors of several posts have sought to address recent outrageous assertions made by Rush Limbaugh. A little more than a year ago, I wrote the following post for Oxymoronic Nation, a personal, progressive blog that I started on Google. I was trying to place Limbaugh’s offensive characterization of Sandra […] … learn more→