Monthly Archives: June 2013

China revisited Part Two

Before I last visited China twenty years ago, I spent some time with a friend of mine who taught Chinese. With his help, I learned a few key phrases such as Ni Hao which means hello, Xie Xie which means thank you, and Zai Jian which means good bye. I probably learned two or three […] … learn more→

A letter to parents about copyright

Dear Parents of Your Freshman Son or Daughter: Technology, the marketplace and social norms often get ahead of the law, especially in times of rapid change. Internet copyright infringement is a good example. Written in 1976, the current copyright law, which makes anyone who copies and distributes content to which they neither own nor have […] … learn more→

50 Shades of gray matter

You’ve seen the headlines: This is your brain on God, envy, cocaine. And you’ve seen the evidence: slices of brain with Technicolor splotches lit up like the Las Vegas Strip. On average, one new book about the brain appears every week. In universities, new disciplines of neuroeconomics, neuroaesthetics, and neurolaw are flourishing. “If Warhol were […] … learn more→

Learning (and unlearning) from cities

In some ways, municipal efforts toward sustainability are outpacing academic ones. However, it’s easy to misinterpret the value and content of municipal sustainability initiatives. In fact, some of them seem intentionally to invite (encourage?) misinterpretation. Since one of my hobby horses is the need of the sustainability movement to define its terms, the first element […] … learn more→

Six limitations of the nonprofit education model

I love working in the not-for-profit higher education sector. A mission driven institutional orientation aligns well with my values. I take pleasure in the thought that the campus that I work will endure for the decades and hopefully centuries to come, just as it as endured and prospered in the decades and centuries past. The […] … learn more→