Monthly Archives: July 2013

Why Mitch Daniels must be fired

Former Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels, the president of Purdue University, should be fired. That’s a statement I don’t make lightly. It’s also a statement I don’t make because of Daniels’ idiotic comments demeaning historian Howard Zinn. Instead, the problem with Daniels is his failure to understand or protect academic freedom, which is one of the […] … learn more→

3+2 = $60 Billion

The National Nuclear Security Agency (NNSA) has a new plan for the future make-up of the U.S. nuclear arsenal. Dubbed “3+2,” it is a 25-year plan to consolidate the seven existing types of U.S. nuclear weapons down to five—three interoperable ballistic missile warheads that could be used on either intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) or submarine-launched […] … learn more→

What’s your edge?

The other day I was reading a paper called “The crisis in Doctoral education: a sociological analysis” by Gavin Kendall which talks about how doctoral education has come to be seen as being in a perpetual state of crisis – even if this is not strictly true. Debate flies thick and fast in the literature […] … learn more→

Is this a new trend, the new revolving door?

Critics of our current political system have frequently complained about the “revolving door” through which former legislators and other government officials pass on their way to K Street—to earning riches as lobbyists. But there are some indications that another revolving door may be opening, to the presidential mansions on university campuses. Three U.S. presidents served […] … learn more→

How to choose a culinary specialization

The field of culinary arts offers almost unlimited career possibilities. Because we live in a world that is fascinated by food, culinary arts has become a popular degree choice in recent years. The number of schools offering culinary arts majors have grown tremendously and students today can choose from a variety of programs and specializations. […] … learn more→

What is the need of STEM education program in today’s era?

A widespread reform movement in the field of science, technology, engineering and mathematics is STEM. Although it’s a challenge to the education community, but not as complex as it looks like. Despite the global recession, the United States prolongs to face a workforce dearth in science, technology, engineering and math fields. There is a need […] … learn more→

China can teach the West about tackling climate change

China has become a popular target of environmental ire, drawing criticism for its soaring carbon emissions and perceived intransigence during climate negotiations. Nonetheless, an easy target isn’t always a legitimate one. The charges frequently levelled at China mask the country’s historic, and I would argue instructive, efforts to mitigate climate change. Consider the tenor adopted […] … learn more→