Monthly Archives: August 2013

The next ‘black gold’ could be green

Leave a glass with nutrient-rich pond water on a sunny window sill and within a day or two it will have turned a very vibrant, verdant green. This apparent alchemy has less to do with chemistry and more to do with biology: the green is microalgae – microscopic, free-floating, single cell, plant-like organisms. Given water […] … learn more→

Gauging the probable impact of President Obama’s new “plan” for Higher Education

President Obama’s new “plan” for higher education is, of course, largely a sparely detailed sketch of a proposal, especially when one considers what any legislation that might actually result from it will end up looking like. In fact, many commentators on both the Left and the Right have expressed serious doubts about whether the “plan’ […] … learn more→

How loyal are overseas branch campuses to their host countries?

In the United States, we often think of colleges and universities as the anchors of their communities. A campus is often among the largest employers in the region, a significant consumer of local goods and services, a critical supporter of local businesses, and a major attractor of new people to the region. Not only does […] … learn more→

Scorecards and the new admission strategy

At the undergraduate level, colleges and universities have always relied upon first-time, first year students as the foundation of their freshman class. Historically, these students were drawn from four categories: legacies, student athletes, students seeking admission to a well-differentiated academic program, and qualified students who came in “over the transom” as part of a general […] … learn more→

How do you destroy a hard drive?

Anyone who looked at The Guardian’s website this week will have seen a picture of one of the newspaper’s own laptops smashed and in pieces. Why did this Mac have to die? The article accompanying the photo describes how The Guardian was visited by representatives of GCHQ who, believing The Guardian were using the laptop […] … learn more→

Coop schooling concept and using Apps in coop classrooms

Co-op/home schooling can mean many different things to parents. Here is some common understanding about home schooling. • Grouping together of talents and skills of parents involved in home schooling • An alternate to educating children over public or private schools • Supplementing classroom lessons with home teaching • Children group study after school time […] … learn more→

Sure-fire ways to land a hospitality job

Landing a new job can be a really tough task, especially in the hospitality industry which is considered to be very competitive and demanding. Since there will be many aspiring candidates like you, you should have that extra flair and an aptitude to work in this industry. You will be competing with candidates who have […] … learn more→

Rising temperature, rising food prices

Agriculture as it exists today developed over 11,000 years of rather remarkable climate stability. It has evolved to maximize production within that climate system. Now, suddenly, the climate is changing. With each passing year, the agricultural system is becoming more out of sync with the climate system. In generations past, when there was an extreme […] … learn more→