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The UK split over tuition fees is bad news for students

The different countries of the UK have very different ideas about a lot of things, and university fees are no exception. With the introduction of £9,000 tuition fees in England, Wales and Scotland both moved quickly to protect their own nationals but in a UK that is divided on how to charge for a degree, […] … learn more→

London campuses help universities go global

To cash in on global demand for British higher education, universities have been busy setting up international branch campuses to transplant the UK student experience (or aspects of it) to the Gulf or to China. But this massive demand from foreign students has led to an interesting development: many universities from elsewhere in the UK […] … learn more→

THAT meeting

For me, THAT meeting happened about six months into my PhD. I was sitting there in my senior supervisor’s office, trying not to let it show that things were not good at all. My senior supervisor who is very perceptive (usually) noticed immediately. “You’re not happy with your thesis topic, are you?” That one question […] … learn more→

Secrets to job hunting through social media

You reject friend requests on Facebook, you think tweeting is for the birds and Pinterest? What is Pinterest anyway? If you’re not on board with the latest social media trends, it’s time to jump on the bandwagon since more and more companies are using social networks as a key recruitment tool. Here are some tips […] … learn more→

The burdens of working-class youth

Bandon, a 34-year-old black man from Richmond, Va., labels himself \”a cautionary tale.\” Growing up in the shadow of a university where both his parents worked in maintenance, he was told from an early age that education was the path to the \”land of milk and honey.\” An eager and hard-working student, Brandon earned a […] … learn more→

Another problem with unpaid internships

Internships used to be a way for students to gain some practical experience in their fields before they actually graduated and entered the job market. In most cases, interns worked on special projects directly related to their areas of study or assisted people with advanced positions within their prospective fields. In many cases, the internships […] … learn more→

The ambiguous role of money in Higher Education

Money is a mixed blessing for higher education. It is obviously essential for colleges to survive and improve. Yet it is also at the root of many problems. Since academic leaders are under constant pressure to raise increasing amounts of money, they may be tempted to accede too readily to the desires of those on […] … learn more→

Solar storms could lead to a global techno-meltdown

In 1859, from August 28 to September 2, we were given an important lesson about how vulnerable we are to the Sun’s power. The Carrington Event, named for the amateur astronomer who recorded it, Richard Christopher Carrington, was a coronal mass ejection: a huge burst of solar wind. When this solar storm hit the Earth’s […] … learn more→

Can facts be racist?

Here is the sequence of events. 1. Richard Dawkins tweets that all the world’s Muslims have fewer Nobel Prizes than Trinity College Cambridge. 2. Cue a twitter onslaught – accusing Professor Dawkins of racism. 3. Richard Dawkins writes that a fact can’t be racist. It seems to me pretty silly to call Dawkins a racist, […] … learn more→