Monthly Archives: September 2013

The idiocy of crowds

Today’s a big, exciting day for anybody who has found it simply too difficult, to date, to throw their money away on idiotic gambles. Are you bored with Las Vegas? Have you become disillusioned with lottery tickets? Do micro caps leave you lukewarm? Does the very idea of a 3X ETF fill you with nothing […] … learn more→

Colleges and the hotel business

Great colleges are an almost perfect and imperceptible mix of people, programs and facilities. Among them, this mix works best when founded on a culture based upon a strong sense of self. This also differentiates further the subtleties that exist among them. It’s why in the end prospective applicants choose one institution over another. Students […] … learn more→

Women and the residential fellowship: a few thoughts

In my email inbox last week was a notification of a fellowship opportunity. Since I have a sabbatical coming up shortly—okay, in a couple of years, but time flies, right?—I eagerly skimmed the details. It’s a fellowship squarely in my field. The funding is pretty generous, probably enough to help me buy out some extra […] … learn more→

Android customisation about to go mainstream

The practice of installing modified versions of the Google Android operating system on other smartphones is about to become mainstream. CyanogenMod, the people behind one of the custom ROMs (as these versions of the phone firmware are called), have just announced that they have received $7 million in funding to establish a new company Cyanogen […] … learn more→

Will National student databases lead to government spying?

The government may tell American citizens that privacy and security are protected \”constitutional rights,\” but the recent Edward Snowden debacle has many people wondering exactly who is guarding personal data from whom. While school districts scramble for a chance to claim their share of the $4.35 billion prize known as the Race to the Top […] … learn more→

8 Frugal resume building tips for tomorrow’s MBA pros

Your resume is your window to the outside world. A resume can either win the coveted job or break it; it all depends on how much it is eloquent. The resume you submit to the employer should speak for itself even without your explanations and that is because resumes are read several times and by […] … learn more→

Weeds amidst the ivy

On the first day of the Association of Private Sector Colleges and Universities annual convention, a storm worked its way towards the convention center. More than a thousand people milled inside Rosen Shingle Creek, one of the golf resort/convention centers that are endemic to central Florida. The attendees had come for the annual congress of […] … learn more→

Faculty governance in the new University

What is the university now? Is the situation for higher education getting better, as we are expected to demonstrate in annual reports, or worse, as budget figures and myriad other indicators tend to suggest? Our understanding and interpretation of institutional change are colored by how we define our roles as faculty. I have colleagues who […] … learn more→

Open textbook publishing

Thanks to inexpensive or free publishing tools and the ubiquitous nature of the web, the faculty can assume the traditional responsibilities of publishers. Faculty members can build massive, global communities around their pedagogical works by licensing them under an open-culture copyright license and by employing peer-review processes to vet publications. When it comes to choosing […] … learn more→