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Trouble recruiting top faculty? Promote collaboration

At the Graduate Center of the City University of New York, the last week of February began with the announcement that Cathy N. Davidson and Ken Wissoker, from Duke and Duke University Press respectively, would be joining our faculty. It ended with the news that Paul Krugman, from Princeton University, would be doing the same. […] … learn more→

Three reasons why a College degree offers more than an education

If you\’ve been considering going back to school to complete your degree but find the idea daunting, you\’re not alone. A return to the academic life will take an adjustment, however working adults make the decision every day—and within no time, they\’re adjusted to their new routine of school-work balance. If you\’re in search of […] … learn more→

Tenure, the Presidential veto and abuse of power

The 1966 “Statement on Government of Colleges and Universities” (adopted by the American Association of University Professors (AAUP) (, the Association of Governing Boards of Universities (AGBU), the American Council on Education (ACE) and the Association of American Colleges and Universities (AACU)) stipulates unequivocally that “faculty status and related matters are primarily a faculty responsibility; […] … learn more→

Sexual abuse on campus ignored again

The Sandusky Affair, as it is called nowadays, is, I hope, as sordid as it gets in our hallowed halls of higher education. Regrettably, it’s not the only serious sexual misbehavior on campus. It’s just so bad that others are overlooked. I want to highlight another “affair”, to reinforce, yet again, how corrupted higher education […] … learn more→

Philosophy is dead white – and dead wrong

1841 For Solomon Northup, it marked the beginning of “12 Years a Slave”, but for Frederick Douglass, it marked the beginning of 50 years a public speaker. Reflecting on that beginning, Douglass tells us – in the second of his three autobiographies, My Bondage and My Freedom (1855) – that “[d]uring the first three or […] … learn more→

Should it be a crime to harm an unborn child?

Many children in Australia suffer from severe disabilities caused by things done before they were born, but most are not entitled to compensation for the harm they suffered and there’s no law to prevent prenatal injuries. Two current legislative initiatives (in New South Wales and the Northern Territory) are trying to address this issue – […] … learn more→

Obesity can reshape our sense of taste

As surprising as it may sound, for some people the problem of weight gain may lie right on the tip of their tongue. There are many things that can influence a person’s desire for food. When given a choice between foods, the desire to choose one food over another is closely linked to taste and […] … learn more→

Five things to do in your First Year

The first year of the Thesis is supposed to be about direction; working out your topic, doing literature reading, devising research plans etc. It is also the year you have the most flexibility. The first year is a great time to get your head around lots of things. Best of all, you can use it […] … learn more→

Job offer negotiations and relationships with our future colleagues.

Many pixels have already been devoted to discussing the case of W, the philosophy job candidate who says her job offer was rescinded after she inquired with the department making the offer about what adjustments in start-date, salary, new teaching preps per year, pre-tenure sabbatical, and maternity leave might be possible. Rather than indicating which […] … learn more→