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Verdict in Al Jazeera trial shows regime’s contempt for press freedom in Egypt

Three Al Jazeera English journalists have been convicted in the Cairo Criminal Court of spreading false news, threatening national security and aiding the Muslim Brotherhood – previously Egypt’s first democratically elected government now deemed a terrorist organisation. The trial judge, Mohamed Nagy, handed Australian journalist, Peter Greste, and his Egyptian-Canadian colleague, Mohamad Fadel Fahmy, seven-year […] … learn more→

The dirty secret in the Education wars: Money matters

An interesting twist in the ever-fascinating narrative of Republican politics unfolded in Mississippi this month when political operatives in the campaign to reelect U.S. Senator Thad Cochran to another term attacked their primary challenger for wanting to “deeply cut federal education dollars on which Mississippi schools rely.” Wait a sec–don’t all Republicans, especially from deep […] … learn more→

Government regulations killing education? Part 3

Government regulations killing education? Part 3

I’ve spent the last two posts analyzing a $650,000 a year administrator’s thesis that the reason for the skyrocketing tuition of higher education is all the government regulation and such. Now, there are many very strong arguments to be made for that thesis, but, alas, the $650,000 a year administrator failed to make them, instead […] … learn more→

10 point student safe travel guide

Anytime that a student chooses to study abroad or spend a prolonged period of time overseas, there are a few quick safety tips that can help to safeguard one\’s health, both physically and financially. Carry 2 Forms of Identification: Anytime someone is traveling abroad it is vital that they are able to identify themselves at […] … learn more→

If you go far enough to the right, Do you somehow end up on the left?

Thus far, the most vocal and sustained criticism of the Common Core Standards being relentlessly promoted by Arne Duncan and the other “reformers” in the Department of Education has come from Progressives—that is, President Obama’s own supporters. Of course, the objection is that the administration has wholly and enthusiastically embraced what was a Republican idea—for […] … learn more→

Government regulations killing education? Part 2

So last time I examined an essay by a very highly paid administrator (paid to the tune of $650,000 a year) who insists that it isn’t highly paid administration that’s the reason for high tuition. Instead, he claims it’s all the regulations that must followed. The first part of his essay disregarded that those regulations […] … learn more→

Thinking about breaking up? You may as well flip a coin

In their latest book, Think Like a Freak, Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner urge readers to think about the world differently by training readers’ brains to approach problems in unique ways. In the final chapter, the Upside of Quitting, Levitt and Dubner suggest that, contrary to what many people have told you in life, you […] … learn more→

Too fat to be a scientist?

I have long dreamed of becoming a scientist, but now—just weeks after receiving my B.A. in biology from a prestigious university—I’ve decided to leave science behind. I am rejecting a career in science, or rather, science is rejecting me, because much like oil and water, being fat and being a scientist don’t mix. The problem […] … learn more→

A failure to capitalize on globalization

Globalization is one of the most dominant forces facing higher education in the 21st century. Many colleges have responded to it with plans to internationalize their campuses and academic programs. Yet all too often, college presidents fail to harness the huge potential globalization affords. That failure is most frequently reflected in a severely limited understanding […] … learn more→

Starbucks and Arizona State create a new education pathway

On Monday, Starbucks announced that it had agreed to partner with Arizona State University to help its employees earn an online college degree. Working with ASU, Starbucks will make the new college degree program available to 135,000 employees who work at least 20 hours a week. Remarkably, employees will have a wide choice in the […] … learn more→