Monthly Archives: October 2015

The highest paying College Major in each state

Drawing on statistics available through the Departments of Education and Labor, Business Insider has published a state-by-state list of the “most lucrative” college major in each state. The salaries of those who have earned baccalaureate degrees in certain disciplines and who are working in occupations related to those disciplines have been averaged. What follows is […] … learn more→

Know your limits

I’ve always had problems with boundaries. Control is achieved through strict routines around food, booze and exercise. A bit OCD but it worked well until I began my PhD. A late starter, my first degree was after the children, after the divorce; I was full of life-experience but not of the academic kind. In spite […] … learn more→

College closures to triple by 2017

I daresay that higher education has reached a breaking point. Accreditation has deeply failed in its mission, by granting legitimacy to every place that wants to call itself a school. This didn’t just hurt our young people, many of whom have been lured into fake schools, which tricked them into deep loans, ruining their lives. […] … learn more→

Does a shorter week help kids with their learning?

How would you react if you were told that your local public school planned to change the schedule from the traditional Monday-through-Friday model to a schedule that contained four longer school days? Would you worry about long days for young children, their academic accomplishments and, of course, childcare? Across the US many public school districts […] … learn more→

Sarting the PhD – don’t panic

I was sitting in my office the other day talking with a beginning PhDer. A nearly-finished doctor popped her head around the door. I asked her what advice she would give someone just starting out on their doctorate, and her first words were “Don’t panic.” This is great advice and it seems fitting to end […] … learn more→