4th e-Health and Environment Conference


These topics are presented in the following section which represents priority topics for the conference sessions. Although topics have been categorized into healthcare and environmental ones, this by no means intend to separate both concepts, on the contrary, topics merging both fields will be appreciated.

Environmental Related Issues:

  • Environmental awareness for economic competitiveness
  • Updates on biomedical waste management
  • Innovative techniques to combat desertification and water problems
  • Progressing with meeting and enforcing auto emission standards
  • Environmental standards and competitiveness of key economic sectors

e-Health Related Issues:

  • Enhance competitiveness of healthcare sector through e-health solutions
  • Information infrastructure to improve health and environment
  • e-Learning and competitiveness in the healthcare market
  • Caring for the e- Community
  • Need for e-health governance to enhance competitiveness
  • Responsiveness to patient needs for market competitiveness