5 back-to-school appliances you’ll need for your dorm



Being a college student is not easy. Especially when you are living in a dorm. It becomes more difficult for the freshmen. Living independently probably for the first time, without anyone to depend on!

When you are making a list of back-to-school things to take with yourself, remember to furnish yourself with some essential appliances.

Besides the usual stationery and personal care items, these appliances will help make your dorm life easier.

Listed below are five such appliances, do take note!

  1. An Absolute Essential for Students: A Laptop

Though these aren’t an essential stationery items for all colleges, laptops are necessary for today’s day and age.

Everything from taking notes, doing assignments, research, even chatting with friends and family, watching movies, listening to music, etc. can be done easily.

Recommendation: If you can, add printer and printer paper to your list too. It would save you loads of time and money on going out to print out your assignments or anything else you may need!

  1. Iron away the Frown from your Clothes

A steam iron is another essential item that you need with you in the dorm.

There are times when you will have to wear clothes that do not scream ‘college student’! Then you would need the iron to smooth out the wrinkles from your clothes.

Then there will be days when you would have wet laundry which would have to be dried quickly; too an iron would come in handy.

Recommendation: Invest in a portable ironing board. They are easy to store and would give you the right height and surface to iron your clothes smoothly!

  1. Invest in a Mini Fridge for that Cool Drink

A compact refrigerator is a must-have appliance for your dorm. They are perfect for storing water, and other essentials like juices, soft drinks, snacks, etc.

They are a blessing in hot summer months and a perfect place to stash your midnight cravings and party treats!

They easily fit into the cramped dorm room without taking up any extra space!

  1. Humidifiers are Necessary for a Healthy Looking You

College dormitories are more often than not, are a dry and hot place! Add to it the umpteen chances of catching some or the other virus.

Having your own humidifier would save you from the not only dry patchy skin, but provide you with a cool, moisturizing, and germ-free environment!

They are compact in size so they can be easily kept in one place. Also, they make absolutely no noise, so they won’t disturb anybody either.

  1. For that Hot, Popcorn get a Microwave

Usually, all common dorm areas already have a microwave. But nothing beats the convenience of having one in your own personal space.

You wouldn’t need to go out and battle the queue every time you want to heat something!

You can easily reheat leftover food, cook a microwave meal, warm water, cook an egg, or maybe to just burst out the popcorns. Having a microwave in your room would allow you to do all that and more!

But before you get yourself a microwave, ensure that your dorm policy allows you to have one in your room. Also, your room needs to have space for it!

By the End of it

Living alone is not an easy prospect. Especially when all the responsibilities suddenly fall on you.

These gadgets are to make your life a bit easier so that you can concentrate more on your studies rather than on sundry tasks.

These back-to-school appliances will make the transition from home to independent living a lot more easier!