5 degrees that will lead you on the path to career bliss



With the economy in a state of chaos, and the job market fairly limited, competition is at an all time high. Therefore, many have decided to head back to school to strengthen their overall career outlook. But which degrees are the right ones? That’s a tough question with no surefire answer, but check out these in-demand college degrees below to get a good idea on what’s popular right now.

Business Administration

Business remains one of the most popular degrees, then and now.  Perhaps that’s due to the versatility at play here. The degree, which focuses on communication and analysis of a business, can lead to careers in marketing, advertising, and finance among others.  At a four year level, there’s plenty of opportunity to make decent bank. The degree, however, can be built upon by pursuing an MBA, catapulting the earnings into the 100K a year range ultimately. That means lots of bling for those equipped with the agility to navigate through the business world.

Computer Science
Computer science degrees were thought to be fading out, but the truth is they are still very “in”. As technology continues to expand, increase and evolve each and every day, the demand for this degree has kept up. Let’s face it, technology is moving at a rate so fast that the line between current and dated hardly even exists anymore. Mastering technological development, efficient operation for business, communication and more can help these students stay on top of the technological revolution. Starting salaries can be in the 50k area.

Human Resources
Are you a people person? Did you get voted miss congeniality? Can you make best friends with the random guy you just met on the street? Well then, perhaps Human Resources will be a good career fit for you. The profession concentrates on the recruitment, training, employee relations and retention of said employees. Though overall hiring is quite slow right now, the demand is still in for recruiting and maintaining employee relations. Starting salaries for HR assistants falls in the upper 30’s, while am HR manager can make upwards of 70K.

Health Administration
The Healthcare industry is one area that continues to grow during these troubled economic times. The primary responsibilities involve overseeing the vast expanses of medical personnel, which can be tough in this ever evolving climate and industry. With a Health Administration degree, you can pursue work in social service and welfare programs, other governmental roles, and even nonprofit organizations for those non-corporate minded individuals. The starting salary hovers in the 40K area depending on what job you obtain.

Agricultural Degrees
Organic foods aren’t just a staple of Whole Foods Market anymore. The craze has spread to mainstream culture in a big way. Due to the rising demand, interest in agricultural degrees has blown up. It is estimated that more than a quarter of farmers employed today carry bachelor’s degrees.  Besides farming, the degree can lead to careers as agricultural scientists, farmers or managers just to name a few. The field is expected to grow significantly in the next ten years, so put on your overalls and start planting! In fact, Washington State University just became the first school to offer an agriculture degree online.  Starting salaries are expected to get more competitive as we move forward.