5 DIY dorm room décor ideas



Being on a tight budget and then living in a small dorm room doesn’t mean that you cannot have a stylish space. College happens to be the only time when you get to be roomies with your best friends and make it worth it.  Even a dingiest 3 bed dorm room could look amazing with some creativity.

Listed below are the top 5 DIY dorm room décor ideas:

Wall Photo Mural:

A dorm room especially if it’s a 3 bed one could look cramped if it isn’t managed properly. To add life to it you could brighten up the walls especially near the headboard. A printable customized wall mural could make a bold statement and you wouldn’t even need paint or wallpaper. It would be perfect for dorm décor.

Curtains with Ribbon Trim:

Curtains are very important for adding a homey feel to your dorm room. Whoever who has a window by the bedside can enjoy the first rays of the sun. Get a pair of ready-made curtains and decorate with ribbon trim and pom-pom trim to give it a much customized decoration.  Lay the curtain flat on surface and with fabric glue stick the pom-pom trim, ribbon in random pattern.

Beaker Lamp:

After checking reviews of best air mattresses you will understand that they can work great in 3 beds dorm room space making it look more spacious.  One of your best choices here might be an air mattress, it allows for some extra space, so you could place a side table or desk and have a beaker lamp. Take a beaker and ask the local store to cut a 4“hole in the bottom of beaker to allow the bulb to fit through. Get it wired and get a dimmer as well. Slip an Edison bulb and wire into the beaker’s bottom hole and insert wire through mouth of beaker. Get a stand and attach it to top ring. The perfect lamp for study space!

Chalkboard + Fabric Room Divider:

If your dorm room gives you enough space, you can make a chalkboard + fabric room divider and separate your space. Upholstered on one side and chalkboard painted on the other, you could place it between the place you and your friends have set up your space. Take MDF board (48×80 inches) and cut down to preferable height. Apply 3 layers of chalkboard paint on one side using foam roller and dry. As screen is reversible, upholster the reverse side of screen and apply fabric to it. Cove the stables with ribbon. Apply hinges and viola! Use the fabric side as a pin board for pictures and chalk side for reminders, to-do lists and jot down homework assignments.

Wooden Crate Jewelry Display Boxes:

You can get wooden crates from wine shops for free you could give them a new live which will organize and give a great display to your jewelry. You will need to get spools, ring holders, cabinet knobs, cup hooks etc. Paint the crates with acrylic paint. Spray paint the cabinet knobs and attach to crate along with cup hooks and stick spools on base acting as ring stands.

Cookie Tray Board:

College life is so busy with so many things going on you are bound to forget things. You don’t have to get an expensive magnetic board, you could fashion one yourself using a colored cookie tray and stick to the wall using poster stickers. Decorate with magnets and use it for messages too.