A few Google glass education fantasies



No, Google has not sent me Glass to review as an educational tool.

The closest I\’ve been able to get to Google Glass is on Google\’s Glass website. Here you can see \”How It Feels\”, \”What It Does\”, and \”How To Get One\”.

Will a wearable browser / heads up display / audio & video recorder / app mobile device provide some interesting opportunities for learning?

What sorts of educational scenarios could we come up with for Google Glass?

Google Glass Puts a Whole New Spin on Distance Learning:

Forget the need to open up a laptop or whip out a tablet or smart phone. With Google Glass, our courses are always with us – constantly accessible. We can watch class videos, read discussion posts, and maybe even record our own blog posts with zero friction.

If you think MOOCs are a big deal now, wait until we can all spend time with Sebastian Thrun anytime we are conscious.

What would a learning management system (LMS) look like if it was optimized for Google Glass? We need to move beyond the constraints of the browser and the tablet / smart-phone app – and leapfrog directly to eyewear.

Google Class, Textbooks, Course Videos, and Course Packs:

We are almost done with the paper course pack and the video checked out from library reserves. Will Google Glass accelerate this trend?

The educational textbook publishers have been figuring out how to move off paper and transition to digital. Perhaps the answer is to concentrate on Google Glass.

Publishers – skate to wear the puck will be, and the puck is going towards spectacles!

The one thing I figured out is what I am going to do with all my iPad and Kindle devices once we move to a Google Glass world. Maybe they will sit in my drawer of discarded feature phones.

But seriously – is Google thinking about education with Google Glass?

Who at Google is determined to improve learning?

Where is the experimentation about what Google Glass could mean to education?

What are your Google Glass teaching and learning fantasies?