A look at online reviews and comparison site development


Most of you will have no idea of Compuserve and the impact it had on the early use of the internet.

My first introduction to the internet was through accessing Compuserve. There were many forums and also many sites from which you could download images and other items valuable for creating early web sites. It was Compuserve who developed and introduced the GIF format for pictures.

In the early days of the internet, in most countries, the charge for access was per hour not the monthly unlimited data packages of the day.

With such charges it was important that you got the information as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Compuserve was the for runner of information providers on the internet with the first text based newspaper article reproductions.

In 1999, shortly after the impeachment trial of Bill Clinton was dismissed by the Senate, three websites—RateItAll.com, Deja.com, Epinions.com—appeared on the internet and set in motion a social trend called “online reviews” that influences nearly every type of consumer purchase today.

Around 2010 comparison shopping sites became available allowing users to compare prices and costs for items available on and off the internet.

This development has seen just about every service and product range incorporated into comparison site reviews. For the gambling industry we have examples such as Best Live Casino Site Reviews. This site provides rankings for many gambling options included casino games online, online slots and even casino software ranking – for those sites that used technology from the likes of NetEnt etc.

Time is of the essence for work and for leisure in todays busy world. While many hours can be spent on social media or just simply on online entertainment most people want a starting point for services comparisons before engaging.

While Internet gambling is becoming a more socially acceptable and legally available activity, the expansion of Internet gambling is outpacing peoples’ understanding of the phenomenon, as well as outpacing many of the laws that are supposed to regulate gambling activity. This creates an opportunity for informative comparison sites concentrating on online gambling.

Within the gambling industry sites such as best online casinos quickly provide information needed to make an informed decision. If you want a live dealer, sports betting or even a bitcoin experience then you want expert advice.

In 99% of cases, to play casino games online means to give your money to someone else. As we’ve said, choosing a wrong site can lead to serious problems – no one would like to lose his or her money because of scammers. There is no better reason to seek industry advice through comparison sites – e.g. you would not want to find out that Costa Rica’s casino license has no legal force if you have a large win and don’t get paid.

The future of comparison sites is unlimited. With the development of AI and the services that are associated with it more expert guidance and service comparisons will be needed as people will simply not have the time nor the knowledge to sift through millions of potential sites to decide on one that will serve their needs.