Adopting efficient behavioral issues in a misbehaved world



Saving the planet actually makes us smarter, keeps extra money in our pockets and basically brings us closer together; isn\’t loving your surroundings worth the investment? I felt compelled sharing my disappointment with how efficiency issues are mishandled. We must take note, freeze-frame and acclimatize into developing patterns of awareness, while removing ourselves from our comfort zones. Unfortunately capitalism, commercialism and consumerism remains paramount, steering us away instead of dealing with life sustainability issues.

It starts with thinking outside the box. Seemingly our minds have been taken hostage of and manipulated into believing that adapting to ignorance is acceptable, while leaders refuse to acknowledge that we have a serious problem, that energy issues are vital and change is essential.

Steps You Can Take RIGHT NOW In Making Your Community A Better Place.

An ecology fair was recently held in my town of Hallandale Beach, Florida (USA). The neighboring police and fire departments along with the
Mayor, vendors, parents and children were present. All attendees valued the cause as free showerheads, energy efficient light bulbs and shrubbery were made available. The community was interested and informed of this significant reality of personal responsibility.

People fundamentally want to come together and support basic causes. For example, I received a free pamphlet from my local county of Broward County ( and, in accordance to Energy Star, it stated that \”If every American home replaced their five most frequently used lights with energy efficient ones, we would save (nearly) $8 billion (dollars) each year…prevent(ing) greenhouse gases equivalent to the emissions from nearly 10 million cars.\” Little things go a long way.

Some examples of personal preventative maintenance are simple things that we can do such as reducing garbage output, AKA recycling. Xeriscape landscaping (planting drought-resistant plants). Cleaning your air filters. Using less hot water to conserve energy usage. In conclusion, we need to start exercising real responsibility or the planet as we know it may become obselete.