An Opportunity of a Lifetime


I am Kevin Ryall, shareholder along with my wife Jacqui of World University LLC, which is the registrant of the internationally recognised domain World University LLC is incorporated in Colorado, USA.

I have spent the past 10 years editing and managing the website and feel now is an opportune time for some new ideas and new energy.

Several options have enormous potential. If you could devise a plan to capture the global academic vacancy advertising market – which is over  $1 Billion (USD) per annum- that alone would bring significant income for you.w

We are offering you an opportunity of your lifetime.

If you are capable of coming up with the commercial business plan for World University LLC/ then we are prepared to allocate shares in World University LLC.

The first step would be to provide is with an elevator pitch of your plan.

Using bullet points outline:

  1. Who you are
  2. Where you are
  3. Your experience and expertise
  4. An overview of services/products for and how they will generate income
  5. A timeline to achieve a launch of a new

Please accept that we will acknowledge and respect all copyright you hold in material presented until shares are allocated.

Your future starts here.

Email me and indicate your interest.

We can then agree on a timeline for you to complete stage one. I can provide as much help as possible including links to many potential investors.



[email protected]