Angel car: First mobile charging station from Nation-E


Coming from Swiss company Nation-E, the Angel Car is the first of its type in the world, providing technology for charging electric vehicle batteries while on the road.

“Even though the infrastructure for e-cars is only in its early development phase, governments have established targets for growth in an effort to introduce e-mobility as an alternative means of transportation in the upcoming decade,” a company statement reads. Nation-E\’s Angel Car concept therefore becomes the key solution to \”range anxiety and makes driving e-cars realistic even without the huge deployments of new infrastructures.”

This mobile charging system can be installed on any standard service car or on a dedicated Angel Car unit. The respective unit is fitted with an on-board 230V charger, capable of charging vehicles so that it enables up to 30km (18.6 miles) of additional autonomy.

“The communication between the stranded vehicle and the Angel Car is facilitated through Nation-E\’s high-end Battery Management System. This system is capable to converse and examine the parameters and the verification permits of the car battery, and determine the quantity and intensity of energy that should be fast-charged into the stranded vehicle. This hyper- intelligent unit is equipped with a touch screen that enables the controlled flow of energy,” Nation-E says in a statement.

In developing the NationMobile charging system, Nation-E made use of its expertise in large scale battery management systems. The company has first shown the Angel Car in Brussels, with its mobile showroom currently traveling throughout Europe.