Apartment residents take on green energy approach



Over the weekend I was having late breakfast in a shopping mall nearest my place when I spotted my local Council’s newsletter, the Council’s Quarterly Report to the Community. The article in particular caught my eye, something about apartment dwellers taking on a sustainable approach.  From what I learnt in the brief news, the Council has embarked on a program called ClimateClever Apartments Program.

Climate Clever!  Very interesting indeed. My local Council is helping apartment residents reduce their environmental impact through this Climate Clever Apartments Program. A participating strata building of a neighbouring suburb has one of the biggest and complex high-rise building with about 500 apartments.

The program involves working with owners corporations to reduce or minimize the carbon footprint of common areas of unit blocks, where often, sustainable living measures are taken for granted.

Without providing further detail, I understand that the program comes in two main phases.

The first phase is currently underway. It provides a gauge to apartment residents how sustainable their apartment block will be with a free energy and water assessment.  Initially, the program will assess certain number of apartment buildings that range in size from a small number of unit blocks to massive complexes.

The second phase provides grants to assist apartment buildings to undertake actions to improve the energy efficiency of their building.  The grants program is open for applications.

What an admirable endeavour from my local Council and organisers of this program – inculcating sustainable living communities through environmentally friendly green strata apartments.